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The Twilight Zone Next Door #Halloween

I live next door to an Airbnb, so quite often there are people there who don’t know me, or no one there at all. This is a problem when stuff I’ve ordered gets delivered there by mistake – something that … Continue reading

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Some Spooky Action for #Halloween

Here’s an extract from my work in progress, a supernatural comedy for kids! Chapter One: Spooky Action Charlie Busby lay in bed, watching a spider as it built its web in the corner of the sloping ceiling. He could hear … Continue reading

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#Halloween: The Attention-Seeking Shapeshifter

Fairyland is full of shapeshifters; they’re part of the natural balance.  But occasionally you’ll come across a shapeshifter who has gone out of control. Such a one is Nigel the Nuisance, who uses his shapeshifting to show off.  He practises … Continue reading

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#Halloween: Spot the Sprite

Is this the little entity that was mucking about with my broadband connection last week?  

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Hallowe’en Celebration – Leave a Link

As some of you may know, Hallowe’en is my official birthday. This year I’m 13, and I’m not saying how old that is in dog years – from now on I’ll be measuring my age in human years so I can … Continue reading

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Spooky Writing Competition: Update

Earlier this year I posted about a writing competition run by Swansea and District Writers’ Circle, with winners receiving cash prizes and inclusion in an anthology to be released later in the year. I’m pleased to announce the anthology is now … Continue reading

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Spooky Writing Competition!

  Swansea and District Writers Circle is is putting together an anthology with a supernatural theme, which they plan to publish next Halloween. As well as submitting their own contributions, they’re inviting non-members to submit short stories, poems and scripts … Continue reading

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Millie’s Halloween Blog Party

As some of you might know, Halloween is my official birthday, so I’m having a little blog party to celebrate. Feel free to leave a link in the comments – to a blog post, a book or anything else you’d … Continue reading

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Slapstick Goblins

When the house gets dirty, we dogs often get the blame. This is unfair. We do bring in mud, shed hair and have the occasional ‘accident’, but we’re not responsible for all the mess. A large part of it is … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en Birthday

Today is a very important day.  Not only is it All Hallows Eve, but it’s also my birthday.  I am 10 years old – 70 in dog years, though I don’t feel it.  What 70-year-old can run and play like … Continue reading

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