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Millie Goes to Uni!

It’s exam time at Swansea University. I’ve been helping to de-stress the students, along with other dogs from Greyhound Rescue Wales, as part of the CBSA Best Friends project. Our humans hand out treats for the students to give us, then the students get to play … Continue reading

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Pearl’s Power Trip

Pearl claims she’s the alpha bitch around here, but she has some odd ideas about what this entails. The alpha is supposed to look after the pack, but Pearl is only interested in looking after Number One and throwing her weight … Continue reading

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The Hangover

We went to a party at Snip and Freda’s last night and we’re in no fit state to make resolutions… …in fact, right now we just wish 2017 would go away… …but we’d like to wish the rest of you a very … Continue reading

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Millie’s Christmas Message – Join The Hillcrest Supper Club!

When I was a pup I used to love playing with paper; it was very satisfying to tear it up and chew it into small soggy pieces. Sometimes I would even chew banknotes! Fortunately for Annabelle, I’ve grown out of … Continue reading

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We’re all so tired of winter!

We’ve had enough of winter and these endless gales! We’re tired of having to wear hats when we go out… …and we’re tired of those naughty air spirits playing with the phone line and cutting off Annabelle’s broadband so we … Continue reading

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Mind Your Fingers!

I might look like I’m asleep, but if you try and take that bone you’ll never play the piano again.

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A Winter’s Tail

At this time of year, the humans make a huge fuss about Christmas.  I can understand them wanting to have fun and eat lots of yummy food, but why do they all get so stressed about Christmas shopping?  Anyone would … Continue reading

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Love Matters

Mollie has a new BFF – a collie called Torrin who lives round the corner.  Torrin is young, male and dead fit.  It’s painfully obvious Mollie has the hots for him, though she tries to hide it behind that disdainful … Continue reading

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