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When the World Goes Wrong

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I haven’t been well. Until Annabelle took me to the vet, I thought it was the world that wasn’t well – it kept tilting and whirling so I couldn’t keep my balance … Continue reading

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It’s Snowing in Fairyland!

The presents are bought, the cards are sent… …and it’s snowing in Fairyland! WISHING YOU ALL A MAGICAL YULETIDE!

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Stuff Christmas

There are many things about humans that puzzle us dogs, one being the amount of STUFF they seem to need. Parts of Annabelle’s house are stuffed with STUFF, and she never even uses most of it – so why is … Continue reading

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Say Bye-Bye To The Black Fairy

She’s flying back to Fairyland today, having completed her yearly stint on our tree. When do YOU take down your decorations?

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Millie’s Christmas Message – Join The Hillcrest Supper Club!

When I was a pup I used to love playing with paper; it was very satisfying to tear it up and chew it into small soggy pieces. Sometimes I would even chew banknotes! Fortunately for Annabelle, I’ve grown out of … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Song

Want to survive the holidays without getting into debt? Forget those ‘hamper’ catalogues you have to pay into all year – a successful Christmas record will pay for your Christmas shopping every year for the rest of your life. And it’s so … Continue reading

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We know it’s Christmas, so where are our presents?

Humans love to surprise each other at Christmas, but it’s hard to surprise us dogs because we can smell your thoughts. For instance, we know Annabelle is feeling very smug because she thinks she’s finished her Christmas shopping early for … Continue reading

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Magic Max

Faithful followers of this blog may remember our cousin Max, the goldendoodle puppy who joined the Cardiff contingent of Annabelle’s pack last spring… Well, a lot can happen in nine months. This is what Max looks like now: How did … Continue reading

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Midwinter Myths

At this time of year, humans think the fairies are spying on children to see if they’re being naughty. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but the fairies have far more important things to do in midwinter than dob … Continue reading

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A Country Dog’s Christmas in the City

At Christmas we visited Annabelle’s mother, who lives near Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff. Cardiff can be quite a shock for us country girls.  No wide open spaces, no peace and quiet, just a lot of concrete and noise – cars … Continue reading

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