Works in Progress


What if you had lived before, and the ghost of that past life appeared to you in this one?

If you believe in ghosts – and reincarnation – such a thing could actually be possible. Some spooky apparitions are said to be imprints of past events on the present. In which case, given the right circumstances, you could well encounter the imprint of a past incarnation – especially if that lifetime was particularly turbulent or came to a violent end.

This is the premise of my Bad Boy Wizard series. I’ve taken a few liberties with my ghost, as he wouldn’t be much fun as a mere imprint. Josias Pratt (aka Jack) is very much a conscious entity, and a thoroughly bad influence on Charlie, the Bad Boy of the title, who now carries the power Jack lost when he was executed for witchcraft in Elizabethan times. Impatient to see his power being put to some use, Jack encourages Charlie to do magic without giving him proper training. Naughty by nature, Charlie is more than happy to oblige, and his dabbling wreaks hilarious havoc in the staid little village of Upper Bottom where he lives.

I’ve completed drafts of the first three books, which I’m in the process of editing, and I’m currently working on a fourth. Watch this space for more information!

Read the first chapter of the first book here

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