A Loosening of the Spirit

Millie astral runner

As I get older I find I’m more aware of the astral plane than the earthly world, even when I’m awake. It’s as if my spirit is gradually coming loose from my body, ready for that final trip. I keep slipping out and coming back in, like when you dream you’re falling and wake with a jump. I can no longer control when it happens; Annabelle says she often sees me standing in a daze and then giving a startled twitch, as if I’ve just woken up.

Millie in garden

This can cause problems, because if I don’t concentrate on staying upright, I fall over!

Recently, I needed to go out in the early hours of the morning. The garden is magical at that time on a summer day – you can often catch the tail end of a fairy music festival – so I climbed the steps to the back lawn to see what was going on. The next minute I was fully on the astral plane, dancing with the fairies to wild music. It was wonderfully exciting, but when I got back to my body, I found I’d fallen off the steps and landed on my back like a beetle. It was a horrible shock.

I’ve recovered now, but since then Annabelle has been afraid to leave me on my own. The upside to this is I get to see a lot more of Snip and Frieda, because Annabelle leaves me with them when she has to go out. She has also arranged for me to go for little walks with them so I don’t have to worry about strange dogs. I always feel safe with Snip, he’s so big and strong and protective.

July 2015 010

I’m not so scared now about crossing the Rainbow Bridge. The fairies have told me there’s a wonderful place on the other side, called the Land of Summer. It’s always summer there and it has a special place that’s just for us dogs, where we get to play all day. We stay there for a while, then we come back to Earth in a new young body.

Talking of reincarnation, I’ve been checking out Annabelle’s work in progress, about a boy called Charlie who has lived before as a dodgy wizard. The ghost of that past life turns up and reawakens Charlie’s power, without telling him how to use it properly. This doesn’t stop him experimenting with it, and his inept attempts at magic cause chaos in the stuffy little village where he lives. It’s all a bit lowbrow for me – at my age, I prefer Hemingway – but children who like daft slapstick humour should enjoy it.

I just hope I live long enough to see it published!


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7 Responses to A Loosening of the Spirit

  1. Snip and Frieda says:

    Snip and Frieda miss their slow, wise friend. Pearl, you must face those demons that pop out with noises to frighten You, and look after your beautiful companion and hooman slave, Annabelle.When we come back we will ask Millie to tell us what little adventures you both had.Love and licks xxxx

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  2. pollymacleod says:

    Oh Millie, this post made me cry, I want to put my arms around you very gently and give you a hug. Is that Snip in the photo with you? he looks very confident and reliable, a good friend. Lots of love dear Millie xx

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  3. Oh sweet Millie, it looks like we missed this beautiful post last month. Our friend Fergal went on a similar journey when he could walk and see between two worlds. He could see the Land of Summer where he could run so fast and easy as if he had wings. He says it is lovely there and they never run out of treats. Much love to you, Pearl and Annabelle from all of us here 🙂🐾💖🐾 xxx

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