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The Heartbreaker

Milton Spilk was an Extreme Romantic Hero. His hair was so black it had actually turned into a black hole and sucked out his brain, his eyes were so intensely electric blue they burned holes in everything they looked at, … Continue reading

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Annabelle on Writer’s Block

Writing is like pulling teeth at the moment and it’s driving me mad. These creatures may eventually feature in a book. I’m not just trying to put off doing some actual writing. Honest. Every first draft is mostly crap. These pages will be … Continue reading

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Job Description – The Writer’s Pet #MondayBlogs #Writer #WritersLife

Originally posted on BlondeWriteMore:
On those dark and gloomy days when it feels like the world has turned away from our work, we can always rely on our pets to make us smile again. Pets play an important role in…

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Review – Judy: A Dog in a Million – Damien Lewis – Military History, WWII, Animals

Originally posted on Library of Erana:
Review- Judy: A Dog in A Million Damien Lewis 5 stars The impossibly moving story of how Judy, World War Two’s only animal POW, brought hope in the midst of hell. Judy, a…

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Angry Annabelle on Advertising

Originally posted on The Literate Lurcher:
Sorry, but I just gotta rant! Is anyone else sick and tired of adverts in their inbox slowing down the typing of emails? This morning I had to wait several minutes just so I…

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Half Price Books!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but Pearl and I have been very busy in Storyland, collecting ideas for the second book of Annabelle’s new Bad Boy Wizard series. She plans to release the first and second volumes … Continue reading

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Donate a Book to a Worthwhile Cause #MARCHingBookstoKids #PBPiO

We are delighted to be donating a book to the Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa Storybook Project. This March, a signed copy of ‘The Slapstyx’ will be winging its way across the pond for parents (and grandparents) in prison to read … Continue reading

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Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes – Guest post by Blogger Kevin Davies…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
For all the wonders of owning a dog, they do come complete with quite a few nasty habits. From trying to eat the cat to urinating on the carpet, an…

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Say Bye-Bye To The Black Fairy

She’s flying back to Fairyland today, having completed her yearly stint on our tree. When do YOU take down your decorations?

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The Cult of the Almighty Sofa

It came to pass that one cold midwinter night three smart suits did travel the world in search of new and lucrative business. And lo! A star rose in the west and guided them to a small shop where a … Continue reading

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