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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Buy a book for Christmas #Children – Andrea Balsara, Robbie and Michael Cheadle, Annabelle Franklin and Jemima Pett.

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
Another group of books that are suitable for children and would make great gifts this Christmas. I am sharing these books first as most are in print as well as eBook and will need…

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Faeries and Aliens: A Review of ‘Thieves in the Night’ by Joshua Cutchin

Originally posted on deadbutdreaming:
THIEVES IN THE NIGHT: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions by Joshua Cutchin (Anomalist Books, 2018) ISBN: 9781938398957 This book comes just at the right time. The debate about the possible connections between the folkloric representations…

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When One of Your Favourite Fairy Tales is Given a Dark Twist #SundayBlogShare #BookReview #LostBoy

Originally posted on BlondeWriteMore:
Prior to reading Lost Boy by Christina Henry, I would have turned my nose up at the thought of reading one of my favourite fairy tales, retold with a darker twist. Favourite fairy tales for me…

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The Cheetah and the Dog by Patricia Furstenberg #BabyAnimals #ChildrensBook #FreePuppyDownload @PatFurstenberg

Originally posted on BOOKS FROM DUSK TILL DAWN:
BOOK DESCRIPTION Here is a cheerful picture book with sweet rhymes that celebrates diversity and promotes friendship, sure to resonate with families – particularly non-traditional ones and with the fans of Michael…

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Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
I am an animal. Therefore, I am not sentient… I have no emotions. I do not feel happiness… … joy… … or fear. I have no curiosity, because I am not a…

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Notes from a small dog: Pets and fireworks…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
She says it is fireworks season again…which means loads of pops, bangs and fizzes. Two-legses may like them… four-legses, not so much. I used to be really scared… But I’m all growed…

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Glory! Hallelujah! I’m glad I’m a dog!

Originally posted on Sandysays' Weblog:
It’s discouraging to know that when you go home with your human they’re as smart as they will ever be……. I watched my human as he struggled with numerous government agencies and insurance companies trying…

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Guest author: Annabelle Franklin – Do we really need to leave Earth?

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Recently, BBC2 showed a programme called The Search for a New Earth. It featured physicist Stephen Hawking, who claimed we will have to leave Earth within the next 100 years as it…

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Quadrille: A Fairy Tail

Originally posted on Whippet Wisdom – a Highland Journey:
? ? the winds blow wild and free around the forest sheltered by the trees a peaceful pulse beats in the soil fairies sweep the leaves and wash the curtains fearless…

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A Day of Rainbows

We’ve been doing a lot of cloud gazing this summer, and today we saw a cloud shaped like a Greyhound’s legs and tail. Right next to this was a small rainbow, and we wondered if we’d seen the spirit of … Continue reading

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