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Haiku: Dancing Wave

Originally posted on Whippet Wisdom – a Highland Journey:
ocean wavea fairy dancingin my eye © Xenia Tran Wishing you all a very happy and balmy Monday and a wonderful new week! With love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx…

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Pearl’s Sacred Space

Hi, Pearl here! And so is summer, it seems, with people and noise everywhere. Call me a grouch, but it’s not my favourite season. My ears are super-sensitive and certain sounds drive me crazy, like the excited shrieks of kids … Continue reading

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Flower Fail

I’m not having much luck growing flowers on Millie’s grave. I used one of those wildflower packs that contain a mix of seeds and compost. I followed all the instructions, put copper bands down to keep the slugs off, and watered … Continue reading

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Gateway to Magic

Originally posted on Author Kevin Cooper:
STEVEN IS A BOY WHO PLAYS TO WIN – BUT THIS IS NO GAME.THIS IS AN ADVENTURE HE CAN’T CONTROL.Steven Topcliff loves gaming but doesn’t believe in fairies or magic – until tricky cousin…

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Wordless Wednesday: Bliss

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Storm Gareth

We’ve lost another tree from the front garden – all thanks to Storm Gareth. We dogs are closer to Nature than humans. We can see things most humans can’t, including the elementals who control the weather – and Gareth was … Continue reading

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A Book Review: Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

Originally posted on Once Upon a Time….:
“Entertaining humans for cheese is a bit daft really, but cheese is cheese!” Wise words from Sam: a smart, talented, handsome, and very entertaining Collie, who, in my opinion, is the spitting image…

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Originally posted on Tripping Over Pebbles No More:
This week I’ve learnt a lot about the internet. I mean, I’m not stupid, I know there is a lot of terrible stuff on there and I know that perverts, paedophiles, sadist…let’s…

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Nightmare Hair #dreamdeeply

Have you ever wondered why you can go to bed with perfectly tidy hair and yet wake up in the morning looking like you’ve swapped heads with Worzel Gummidge? Maybe you thought it was down to tossing and turning in … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m Late!

I was sad when Millie crossed the Bridge last year, because I couldn’t follow her, and I thought that meant I wouldn’t see her again. But on New Year’s Eve, something strange happened. We were getting ready to go out, … Continue reading

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