Ghosts: A Horrifying Camping Ghost!

Many thanks to Jan Olandese for posting my true ghost story on her blog – I hope you’ll check it out!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I recently offered a post about ghosts and camping. A reader, Annabelle Franklin of The Literate Lurcher blog, kindly shared this chilling story in response. One can’t begin to think how scary this must have been to experience. Enjoy the following tale, with thanks to Annabelle (do stop by her blog, it’s great!).

“I had my first experience of the supernatural as a teen, when my friend and I were camping in her back garden on a hot, still, summer night. We were pestered by an entity that punched the tent all over, as if with huge hands, at regular intervals throughout the night. At one point, a garden fork came right through the tent’s double wall, narrowly missing our heads. Worst of all was the feeling of evil that accompanied these phenomena, which only stopped when it began to get light. When we told people about it, they…

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