Christmas Greetings and a #FreeBook

Hi, Pearl here!

All I want for Christmas is to be able to get up the stairs when we go to visit our extended pack – my knees are getting stiff, and stairs are starting to look scary. Annabelle’s family lives upstairs, so if I can’t get up the stairs we’ll have to come straight back home. Wish me luck!

In return I wish you lots of turkey. And sausages. And those lovely crispy little bits of bacon that go around the sausages. And treats. And chews.

And when you can’t move after all that food, and you’re bored with Christmas TV, and you’ve broken all your toys, why not check out one of Annabelle’s books? Gateway to Magic is FREE from Christmas Day through January 1!

Here’s what one happy reader had to say:

Gateway to Magic by Annabelle Franklin was a cute, quick read with some valuable lessons within. I shared this book with my little ones, who absolutely loved it. From their point of view it was ‘awesome’. The author did a wonderful job of painting the scenes, making things very easy to visualise, most especially the Forest of Pointy Fingers! I love it when authors bring a story to life by word-painting, and Franklin doesn’t disappoint! Franklin’s Gateway to Magic is perfectly tailored to its target audience, as my brood can well attest. They all loved it, and we’ll be reading it again for sure!” – J. Aislynn d’Merrickson for Readers’ Favorite

Have a magical Christmas, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

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12 Responses to Christmas Greetings and a #FreeBook

  1. Oh Pearly, we hope the extended pack will help you get up the stairs! 🙏 We wish you lots of cuddles and treats, a magical Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year for you and Annabelle. Lots of love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia 🤗💖🐕 xxx

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  2. pollymacleod says:

    Merry Christmas Pearl, to you and Annabelle. I hope you get up the stairs all right x

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  3. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow! says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year to you all! ❤ 🙂

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  4. Merry Christmas Pearl & Annabelle! May you have lots and lots of yummy goodies! Cheers, NBC

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  5. parkermccoy says:

    Good luck to Pearl and Merry Christmas!

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