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Hallowe’en Celebration – Leave a Link

As some of you may know, Hallowe’en is my official birthday. This year I’m 13, and I’m not saying how old that is in dog years – from now on I’ll be measuring my age in human years so I can … Continue reading

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Too Many Pee-Mails

We storyhounds are an invaluable resource for writers of fairy tales, fantasy and the supernatural because we can astral project to other dimensions and bring back vital nuggets of information. Working alone, a single storyhound – or even a pair … Continue reading

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Millie Waxes Lyrical

Listen to the colours of your mind Leave your small anxieties behind Open up your heart and you will find You’re dreaming Live streaming

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Message from Annabelle: The Nature of the Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is the mind of Fairyland, though she isn’t always conscious of everything that goes on.  Like a human being, she has a conscious and subconscious mind, though her mind is very different from ours.  She doesn’t think … Continue reading

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Message from Annabelle: Gateway to Magic

Fairyland is the world of nature spirits.  The Land, its creatures and its Queen are one great, magical, living Being.  Its inhabitants play different parts, but they know life is a game and the parts they play are not what … Continue reading

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