Spooky Writing Competition!


Slapstyx GoblinSwansea and District Writers Circle is is putting together an anthology with a supernatural theme, which they plan to publish next Halloween. As well as submitting their own contributions, they’re inviting non-members to submit short stories, poems and scripts – the winning entries will be included in the anthology, and there are cash prizes too! The Circle’s last anthology did very well and even won an award, so if you were to enter – and win – your story would end up in a good home.

Interested? For full details of the competition visit Swansea and District Writers Circle.


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    A Heads Up from Annabelle 😀

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  2. Will you enter Annabelle?

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  3. Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Cash prizes?? Who doesn’t love that???
    Hi Millie!!

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  5. We hardly see Snip now – he’s having a bro-mance with another male black Lurcher who lives around the corner. Pearl is not happy! Maybe I’ll do a blog post about it soon…


  6. Sounds like a good opportunity thanks for that Annabelle.

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  7. ellen3625 says:

    Thank you for following,”The Journey of Phillip, the Forgotten, to Phillip, the Fabulous, in 30 Days” at wackedoutonweeds.wordpress.com I am enjoying reading your thoughts and I can speak to our local shaman on your behalf. Be Good! Ellen

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    • Thank you! Pearl is a Greyhound Rescue Wales sponsor dog, which means I foster her for life and GRW contribute to her expenses – she is too nervous to be homed. She is terrified of the sound of children playing, especially if a football is involved, which can make walks difficult – she’ll try to bite through the lead to get away, and if she manages to escape from you she will bolt home. Indoors she likes to be top dog, even in other people’s houses – she’ll commandeer the couch and snarl at any dog who comes near, unless it’s a dog she knows well. If you have any tips that might help her, we would be very grateful.


      • ellen3625 says:

        Of course, Paul and I would be happy to help. He is having lunch with our American Indian shaman friend tomorrow and will ask her guidance. I will give you our personal e-mail so that we can get more information. We need to know more specifics about your canine family member. Our e-mail is labdip@hotmail.com. We are dippy lovers of Labradors. I really enjoy your wordpress postings. Be Well, Ellen with Paul


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