On Muses And Lurcher Love

Pearl and I aren’t getting enough attention from Annabelle at the moment. She still makes a fuss of us and attends to our daily needs, but we can tell her mind is on her new book. We try to help with her research by passing on our knowledge of the astral planes, but we can’t write the whole story – that’s down to her muse.

Annabelle says her muse is like a small boy – difficult to wake up, but nonstop action when he gets going, full of fun and mischief. He loves a good laugh, and Annabelle knows she won’t go far wrong if she ‘follows the funny’ when she’s writing.

We think Annabelle’s muse is like a sighthound – a lazy couch potato most of the time, but there’s no stopping it when it’s chasing something interesting. Our friends Snip and Freda are prime examples of this, especially Snip, who can cover immense distances when he’s chasing birds. Even the crows are impressed and love to egg him on.

Annabelle’s photography skills don’t stretch to capturing Snip and Freda in full flow, but their human Alain has sent us a lovely photo of them in couch potato mode.

Lurcher Love

Lurcher Love

Pearl and I have had to accept they’re an item now. I think Pearl must be growing up at last – she and Freda can finally share a couch without World War Three breaking out!

Freda and Pearl

We’d like to thank Lucy of BlondeWriteMore for being our ‘muse’ for this post 

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11 Responses to On Muses And Lurcher Love

  1. I can see that Lurchers love their beds and couches. Pearl is definitely taking up more space than Freda and is still the boss by the look of it. Good luck to Annabelle with her writing 🙂

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  2. Sending much inspiration and good wishes to Annabelle on her writing- though knowing you are nearby Miss Millie to help we are sure is comforting- Hubble enjoys his couch-especially on Jack Henry’s side🐾🐾

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  3. I’m aMUSEd. LOL! (´へωへ`*)

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  4. A lovely post that brings back memories of us sitting on the floor! The whippets fold up small and we have our sofa’s back now.

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  5. It always amazes me how these long-legged hounds can fold themselves up so neatly. One minute they’re taking up the entire couch, the next they’re curled up in the corner of the seat!

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  6. natswans says:

    Those Lurchers are sure smart, mine does take up the coach little tinkers.
    I love the top photo very neat.
    Good capture x

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  7. Thank you! Though I can’t take the credit for that photo – that’s down to our friend Alain, and his dogs being such good subjects.


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