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Too Many Pee-Mails

We storyhounds are an invaluable resource for writers of fairy tales, fantasy and the supernatural because we can astral project to other dimensions and bring back vital nuggets of information. Working alone, a single storyhound – or even a pair … Continue reading

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On Muses And Lurcher Love

Pearl and I aren’t getting enough attention from Annabelle at the moment. She still makes a fuss of us and attends to our daily needs, but we can tell her mind is on her new book. We try to help with her research by … Continue reading

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Tribute to Mollie

It’s been a sad time for our friends Alain and Jan. They only lost Owain in March, and now his sister Mollie has followed him across the Bridge. She hadn’t been well for a while, and last weekend she came … Continue reading

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Green-Eyed Monster

Remember Owen Bowen, the beautiful blue brindle Greyhound being fostered by Annabelle’s friends Jan and Alain? They were a bit wary of adopting him in case he ate Giggsy the guinea fowl; but since Giggsy is no more, Owen has … Continue reading

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Where We Live

We have to be quiet in the house while Annabelle is writing her stories, but that’s not difficult for us Greyhound types.  As long as we get a walk every day and a chance to run off-lead, we’re happy to … Continue reading

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