The Linky Lurcher: Millie’s Meet and Greet

???????????????????????????????As a literary Lurcher I like to encourage my fellow writers, and I’m having a little blog party to celebrate the arrival of Spring in our corner of the world. You’re very welcome to come along and mingle – just leave a link in the comments below. Link to anything you like – an article, a favourite blog post or even a book – as long as it’s something you’ve written yourself.

By the way, the picture shows me with my favourite book. Written by our friend Chris Dignam, The Largest Rabbit is a highly entertaining children’s story about a Greyhound puppy who was abandoned by humans – and adopted by rabbits!

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12 Responses to The Linky Lurcher: Millie’s Meet and Greet

  1. GolNaran says:

    Great idea!
    Best wishes, ❤


  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    I can’t think of anything to link to right now, so I’ll just pop in and say ‘hi.’ Hi! Hope your day is good. 🙂


  3. Just seen your post. 😀 Very funny, and great shots of your beautiful dogs. I see what you mean about the similarity between Celine and Pearl – very different sizes, but same colouring and soulful eyes – and I love the shots of Pablo falling asleep. So cute!


  4. Oooh, I know that look Millie, works wonders I’ve found.
    I have a mixed breed dog in Arafura (my romantic suspense series) called Biscuit. However, every literary genre is improved with dog, wouldn’t you agree?


  5. I absolutely agree, and the only complaint I have about Annabelle’s books is that there isn’t enough dog in them. There’s a naughty Lurcher in The Slapstyx, but we don’t see enough of him, and only the merest mention of Greyhounds in Gateway to Magic. :/
    I’ve told Annabelle to check out your books.


  6. What a terrific idea! Loved Michelle’s post. It’s such a great way to be introduced to other writer’s works.
    So I’m linking a post I did donkey’s years ago, but not to highlight any of my mundane writing, but simply for the pure pleasure of the poem that I inserted into it. I’m certain that Annabelle has already discovered Billy Collins’ prized poetry, but if she’s not read to you Mr. Collins’ ‘The Revenant,’ then beg her to! It’s truly one of my all-time favorite works.
    And as a side note to Annabelle, my huge thanks for the lovely words you wrote today on my post. They were positively touching and meant a great deal to me. Cheers


  7. We don’t think your writing is mundane at all! That post about your daughter’s baking activities had our mouths watering, particularly as it was mostly food we’re not allowed to eat.
    We love the pics of Haggis, too, he looks like our Cardiff cousin Max, also a goldendoodle.
    The dog who wrote that poem must have been a grumpy sort of fellow – or maybe he just had an owner he couldn’t respect!


  8. It’s a pleasure! We enjoyed your post and wish you all the luck in the world with your journey.


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