A diet that’s the dog’s dinner

We love this poem from our bloggy doggy friend Ani!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’d like to introduce you to the best reducing diet,
While others can be boring this one’s always been a riot.
Your portion size is always halved and as for calories
They disappear before your eyes, as easy as you please!

All thoughts of cake an little treats this diet will just banish
… And if you do succumb temptation will, quite quickly, vanish…
It is a kind of magic, for as quiet as a mouse,
This diet sniffs temptation from each corner of the house.

It comes with varied exercise to get you out of doors
… And (if you’re showing willing) also rolling round on floors…
It gets you out of bed before the dawn to start the day
And stops you getting bored because it always wants to play.

It doesn’t have a fancy name, celebrities don’t know it,
And if it has a claim to fame…

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5 Responses to A diet that’s the dog’s dinner

  1. Yes… we dread to think what sort of slobby couch potato Annabelle would be if we weren’t around to keep her fit!


  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you, Mille 😉


  3. It’s a pleasure, Sue. Annabelle has downloaded Ani’s book to read to me and Pearl – we’ll let you know what we think! Millie xx


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