Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We pointy-nosed dogs are well known for sleeping a lot.


You humans may wonder how we manage to sleep so much. You watch our noses and paws twitching and hear our muffled yelps and growls, and you think maybe we’re dreaming about chasing rabbits or running away from Malamutes. But we do much more than dream when we’re asleep – we have a whole other life that most humans know nothing about.

Shapeshifter dog

You see, we pointy dogs are descended from the dogs of ancient Egypt, who were recognised as spiritual beings and associated with Anubis, the jackal-headed god who helped souls cross from the physical world to the afterlife – so we know a bit about travelling between worlds!


Pearl and I don’t bother much with the afterlife – we prefer Fairyland because it’s closer to Earth and easier to get to. When we first arrive, everything looks a bit like this…

FairyLand Fractal

…but it soon resolves into something more manageable.


This is the time of year when Nature goes to sleep and the fairies go deeper into Fairyland to do important preparation work for Her next cycle. This means we have to go deeper into Fairyland if we want to see them, which can involve us in some hair-raising adventures – like the time Pearl was kidnapped by goblins.

Along with five other greyhounds, she was made to pull a chariot the goblins had stolen. I managed to avoid a similar fate by doing my invisible act. All night I followed those joyriding goblins, making sure I kept out of sight, until daylight came and they went to bed, leaving the chariot unattended. I snuck out and chewed through the reins, freeing all six greyhounds. They were so pleased to see me – I was the hero of the hour!

(Well, five of them were pleased to see me – Pearl just complained about being exhausted and gave me an earful for not stopping the kidnapping in the first place.)

Once we were safely away from goblin territory, we stopped by a stream for a long drink. The other five greyhounds told us they were from a shelter and the goblins had lured them with promises of luxurious new homes. The joyriders had needed a sixth greyhound to make up a team and Pearl had been in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on how you look at it). We also heard that one of the goblins – a taxi driver called Shorty – had been looking for a dog like me to pull the scruffy old cart he used for work. An animal with my invisibility skills would have been most useful when ferrying his goblin customers to their various dodgy business appointments.Delinquent teenage goblin

So next time you see our paws twitching, we might just be running away from goblins. And next time you call us lazy, Annabelle, think of the peace and quiet we give you to do your writing – not to mention the invaluable research we do for you in the perilous Land of Faerie!

Pearl akimbo 001

Pics found here: Shapeshifter dog, Anubis, Fairyland fractal, Fairyland, Goblin

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18 Responses to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. maggie0019 says:

    I LOVED this post. I myself, had 3 Greyt Greyhounds many years before Maggie. They have of course, gone to the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss them. They are special, special, animals. (sigh). Maggie has a ton of dreams. When she shakes, raises her hair, and makes whimpering noises – I step in with cooing and petting until she settles down (never waking). I love these angels in fur!


  2. Val Boyko says:

    Who knew?!?! … Thank you for sharing Faerie land with us Millie 🙂


  3. Pierre always tried to bark in his sleep. I thought it was hiccups the first time! Charlotte tends to move her legs a little and I can’t wait to observe it over the long run. Dog sleep certainly makes for some decent entertainment. 🙂


  4. We certainly make some spooky noises when we’re asleep! Congratulations on finding Charlotte – you’re in for an exciting time getting to know all her little ways.


  5. Such a lovely post, Annabelle. I’m thinking in my next life I’d like to be born into Fairlyand Fractal and then vacation in Fairyland. Gorgeous images. They really stir the imagination.
    And thanks for the peek inside the head of our hounds. I can sit for hours just wondering what in the world is going on inside there. And now I know. Thanks to you. 🙂


  6. We love the Fractal Gateway! There’s music that goes with it as well, but we couldn’t post it here because it’s never been reproduced on Earth.


  7. shanechall says:

    This has a very nice fairytale/adventurous style and I love dogs, so this was a blast to read!


  8. Thank you – and thanks for following us. We pointy dogs move fast but we’re sure you can keep up! We’re racing over to your site now to follow you back. 🙂


  9. Lesley says:

    I like the look of fairyland. You obviously know it very well, does Annabelle ever get to go? I was there briefly a few weeks ago and managed to photograph an actual fairy! I will provide photographic evidence 😀


  10. Annabelle has visited its borders, but she can’t get the inside scoop like we can. We can’t wait to see your evidence!


  11. Very charming! Perhaps that’s where our dogs are when they begin squeaking, grrrrrrrrruuf!-ing, twitching tails, and paddling paws.


  12. Yes, we’re certainly very active when you think we’re asleep – those adventures in Fairyland can be hard work!


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  14. Thanks, Millie for letting us know what’s really going on! Good job of being a hero! But, I would have let Pearl sit there for awhile, while I released everybody else first. That’s just me. You’re the better person- er dog.


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