Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

I know we’ve reblogged you recently. Ani, but you talk so much sense! We dogs are appalled by the human government’s decision that animals don’t have feelings, and your post speaks for all of us. We hope our readers will visit your blog, leave a comment and sign the petition.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am an animal. Therefore, I am not sentient…

I have no emotions.

I do not feel happiness…

… joy…

… or fear.

I have no curiosity, because I am not a sentient being.

I have no understanding of the finer emotions, like gentleness, or sharing.

No understanding of wonder, excitement…

…or hope.

I do not suffer when I am ill.

I need no comforting…

I cannot laugh…

…or be bored…

…and I have no sense of humour.

I feel no guilt…because I am not conscious of wrongdoing…

…and I cannot feel love.

My two-legs disagrees.

Under the current EU laws, animal sentience, and the existence of their feelings, is recognised and must be taken into full account as new laws and rulings are passed.

The UK government have quietly voted to exclude animal sentience from the laws being passed to define our nation as we leave the EU. Although…

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13 Responses to Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you, Mille and Pearl…and your two-legs of course. Mine is still spitting feathers over this… and she hasn’t been near a bird! xxx

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  2. This really beggars belief Millie and Pearl and it must be overturned! :o) xxx

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  3. pollymacleod says:

    Oh Millie and Pearl, I am so worried about this vote, and also VERY ANGRY. I am completely fed up and disillusioned by our horrible politicians who only think about what’s in it for them. My Rufus and Buster know happiness, joy, pain, when it’s dinner time, walk time, bed time, they know all our human routines. I have signed a petition and can only hope that thousands more sign too.

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  4. Emma Cownie says:

    I too am outraged. Already signed. Loved the photos.

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  5. Noel Hartem says:

    If only animals could make the laws…the world would be a better place. Love the photos

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  6. Beautiful photos of a beautiful dog – sadly not mine! Thanks for visiting. 🙂


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