Stuff Christmas

There are many things about humans that puzzle us dogs, one being the amount of STUFF they seem to need. Parts of Annabelle’s house are stuffed with STUFF, and she never even uses most of it – so why is it there?

Millie, Prl and clutter

A Problem Corner

The situation tends to get worse at this time of year. We know it’s a time to celebrate the start of new life, but does that have to mean buying endless new STUFF? It doesn’t stop with presents – people get Christmas bedding, Christmas tablecloths, Christmas nightwear, Christmas dresses, and deliberately hideous Christmas sweaters. We’ve even come across Christmas toilet seat covers, and special Christmas outfits for dogs –  stuff we wouldn’t be seen dead in if we had any choice in the matter. These things will only be used once a year, and in some cases once in a lifetime. It doesn’t make sense.

I asked Annabelle why she wanted yet more STUFF, and her reply was surprising:

‘I don’t want more stuff!’ she said. ‘I want to get rid of the stuff I’ve got!

‘So you don’t want any presents?’ I said.

‘No! All I want for Christmas is a magic wand to make it all go away!’

She is also stressing about what to buy other people. ‘Why don’t you just give them some of the stuff you don’t want?’ I suggested.

It seemed like the perfect solution, but Annabelle didn’t agree. ‘It doesn’t work like that, Millie,’ she explained. ‘You can’t give people old stuff as presents – it has to be new. If you give people old stuff they think you’re cheap.’

All I can say is, I’m glad I’m a dog and I don’t have to worry about any of this. Give me a plate of turkey and I’m happy.


That Back Room!

Note from Annabelle

I just want to point out I’m not one of those sad people you see on TV who keep buying stuff they don’t need. Half of this stuff isn’t even mine – I just seem to have become a repository for other people’s clutter. It started when I was a teen, and this woman (who shall remain nameless) kept giving me things out of her house. She would say, ‘I found this in a cupboard and thought of you.’ One item was an absolutely heinous red crocheted granny shawl no self-respecting 17-year-old would be seen dead in. I couldn’t understand why it had made her think of me. I’ve only recently worked out that people who do this aren’t being generous or thoughtful – they just want to offload their old crap.

I’d put it all in a skip today, except you’re not supposed to do that. You have to RECYCLE it, which means sorting it all out to go to different places – and who’s got time for that when there are stories to write?

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10 Responses to Stuff Christmas

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    It’s amazing how quickly things accumulate. Since we downsized to a townhome last year, we’re trying really hard not to reaccumulate things, but that’s not always easy when you have a high schooler still living with you and a college son home on school breaks!

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  2. pollymacleod says:

    Hello Millie, I know what you mean but we humans like to surround ourselves with stuff that we like. The secret is to know when to stop, when we have enough. When I moved house eight years ago I got rid of almost 20 years of stuff, a lot of which had just been lying around, since then I have been very good and don’t have a lot of stuff now.
    The note from Annabelle struck a chord with me. Next door but one to me lives a father and son. The father is a typical “old boy”, born and bred in the village. A few years ago he kept giving me carrier bags of books, all sorts of books because he knew I like reading. At first I thought “oh how nice of him” but after a while it just got too much and my daughter thought he was just offloading crap he didn’t want. Eventually I had to ask him to stop.
    Hello Millie, this is Buster and Rufus, you will never guess what Polly’s daughter has just bought us – Christmas outfits!!! Mine (Rufus) is a red santa outfit and mine (Buster) is a brown Christmas pud with a green leaf on. Well we didn’t know what to think, we were mortified, but they are very nice and we do look quite fetching in them. We only had them on for half an hour and they didn’t bother us. I heard them say we will wear them for a little while on Christmas day. I think Polly might do a blog post about them, with photos! We like turkey too, and chicken, beef, pork, ham, sausages, everything…….. 🙂

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    • It’s hard to say no when people give you things, isn’t it? You did well to put your foot down. I have a friend whose mum died a few years ago, and she couldn’t bear to throw her mum’s books out so she gave them to me. Sadly, many of them are books I’m not really interested in reading – and yes, I’ve still got them.
      Rufus and Buster, I’m sure you’ll look lovely in your Christmas outfits. It’s just that Millie’s getting old now and doesn’t want all the fuss – and our Pearl is very particular about what she wears! 🙂

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  3. You’re right, Millie. Humans will never have enuff stuff. I think that’s why life for them seemed so complicated. But, I hope you and Pearl will get lots of delicious treats this Christmas!
    (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

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  4. lbeth1950 says:

    Put it on the curb with a tag that says $2. It will disappear.

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