Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes – Guest post by Blogger Kevin Davies…

At last! Some commonsense dog training tips!

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For all the wonders of owning a dog, they do come complete with quite a few nasty habits. From trying to eat the cat to urinating on the carpet, an untrained dog can be quite a handful indeed.

The good news is that just about any dog can be trained. The only problem is that it’s not something that can be done overnight. It’s something that takes time, effort, and above all, quite a bit of patience.

Should you be considering undertaking the challenge of turning a wild hound into a loving pet, an excellent place to start is learning what not to do. Here are ten mistakes that can make training a dog far more difficult than it needs to be.

Being Inconsistent

Consistency is key if you want to properly train your dog. It’s important to decide early on where your dog is and isn’t allowed to…

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  1. Thanks for sharing Annabelle 😃

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  2. Kevin Davies says:

    Thanks for sharing Anabelle. ❤
    I am glad that you liked my article

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