Attitude of Grumpitude

It’s a strange fact of life that we dogs start out much younger than our human companions, but end up much older – and often wiser.

As a pup I was taught certain things that seemed illogical to me. One of these was going to the bathroom outside. This made no sense because the bathroom was inside the house – humans didn’t go outside to use it, so why did I have to? But I wanted Annabelle to be pleased with me, so I learned fast, and for most of my life I’ve always done my ‘business’ outside.

Millie papped pooping

Now, however, I’ve reached a stage in life where this isn’t always possible. I can’t always last the night without ’emptying’, and if Annabelle isn’t awake to let me out I have to do it in the actual bathroom. I get it as close to the toilet as I can, but I’m the wrong shape to sit on the pan so it has to go on the floor.


How am I meant to sit on that?

Annabelle doesn’t get cross with me – not obviously, anyway – but I can sense she’s not happy when she has to clean up a puddle of wee first thing in the morning. I can hear her muttering about the bathroom smelling like a manky fish and chip shop. She has even got me medicine to try and stop it happening, but it doesn’t always work.


I can’t help feeling her attitude is unreasonable. Show me a human who can go all night without getting up to use the bathroom! As long as I’ve known Annabelle she’s had to get up at least once a night, and she’s nowhere near as old as me. But does she take medicine to stop it happening? I don’t think so!

Annabelle’s current bad attitude isn’t limited to my toilet habits. I’ve sensed a cloud of gloom around her for some time now, and she always seems to be grizzling about something or other.


I’m hoping things will improve when she’s writing again. Annabelle is never really happy unless she’s working on a story, and she’s had to leave the first draft of her new book to ‘rest’ much longer than planned while she deals with some boring money problem.


I know life isn’t always easy for her, but it’s the same for everyone and complaining doesn’t help. She’d want to be grateful for the good things in her life – an attitude of grumpitude only attracts more stuff to grumble about.

We dogs might need training as pups, but the older we get, the more it seems it’s the humans who need training. We could teach them a lot about living in the moment and focussing on life’s goodies – lessons that make more sense than the one about going to the bathroom outside.

Millie happy with ball

NB – this isn’t an advertisement and I haven’t been paid to promote Propalin

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21 Responses to Attitude of Grumpitude

  1. autistsix says:

    I saw an advertisement for a weekly delivered box of indoor grass. It was intended for apartment dwellers who didn’t want to confuse their dog that would eventually be expected to eliminate outside. Ask Annabelle to look it up for you. Charlie & Cherise walk on my head at night to make sure I take them outside, that is another option for Annabelle to consider.

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  2. Propolin is mainly for incontinence and the side effects need to be taken into account, especially for an older lady hound. It also should not be given to any hound suffering from kidney problems. If it is incontinence rather than needing to go more often (as older hounds do), than Homeopet’s ‘Leaks No More’ is a healthier alternative. I am not sponsored by them but found it effective in Ruby’s later years, when she suffered from sleep incontinence.

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  3. I think in Millie’s case it is needing to go more often – I guess it is unreasonable of me to expect her to last the night when I don’t! The vet who prescribed the Propalin is monitoring her heart regularly, and she’s been tested for kidney issues and found clear. However, I’m thinking of asking the vet whether it’s worth continuing the Propalin as she still doesn’t always last the night even when she’s on it.
    Thanks for the tip – I will bear ‘Leaks No More’ in mind if she ever does get leaky in her sleep.


  4. Sue Vincent says:

    Poor Millie must be feeling confused about the whole thing… but she is probably more oncerned about you, Annabelle. Hope all is well. Hugs x

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  5. Thank you! You’re right – our dogs are so sensitive, they pick up on what we’re feeling even when we don’t express it x


  6. natswans says:

    Poor Millie. I think Millie is concerned for you and isn’t too happy about the whole thing so sensitive, our lovely Luchers.
    Wishing you both well.

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  7. I love the last photo with the ball. Dogs are amazing companions and deserve our best care in their elderly years. ❤

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  8. pollymacleod says:

    Hello dear Millie, I do sympathise with you, as Bette Davies once said “Old age ain’t no place for sissies” its no fun growing older. I’m totally with you re living in the moment and focussing on life’s goodies, Rufus’ whole universe revolves around food and play 🙂

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  9. Grumpitude is a privilege of old age. The older we get, the more things we become grumpy about because young people keep expecting us to be happy and mellow. They keep prescribing more and more drugs. A happy senior is a senior about to become senile or homicidal. If you expect someone to have a happy attitude, then you be happy we’re still grumpy.

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