Our Haunted House

We have an Aussie friend called Susan who writes a highly entertaining blog about life on the other side of the world.  She was interested to know more about our home, so here are some shots of the quirky little shed we live in.House front??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

It doesn’t look much like a haunted house, does it?  But haunted it is, by the spirits of two Lurchers, Siouxsie and Nicky, who lived with Annabelle before us.  Nicky is a gentle soul, but I think Siouxsie resents us being here – she still considers it her domain.  She loves to scare us with spooky stories about stuff that happened while she lived here.

According to her, a naughty fire spirit – an elemental – once took up residence in the loft.  He used a psychic straw to syphon electricity from the house supply, pushing Annabelle’s bills sky-high, then used the stolen leccy to start small fires.  I hope this is just one of Siouxsie’s tall tales, as it would be a very dangerous thing to happen in a wooden house.

Spirits know a lot about magic, and if Siouxsie is in a good mood she’ll try and teach me a trick or two.  My favourite one is making myself invisible.  It’s fun to watch Annabelle look everywhere for me and then do a double-take as I reappear out of nowhere.

Now you see me…Now you see me

Now you don’t.???????????????????????????????

The big tree in our front garden is a bats’ dormitory.  We love to watch them come out to play at twilight. They never keep still for the camera, which is why you see no bats in this photo.


Annabelle isn’t hot on housework, so indoors is a bit of a mess. Not that we’d want her to be houseproud, if it meant we couldn’t go on the furniture.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We don’t mind the place being untidy.  Home is where the heart is, for us…Heart Tree…and the bats.

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18 Responses to Our Haunted House

  1. Val Boyko says:

    It looks very comfortable 🙂


  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Home is definitely where the heart is….and where the pups are… 😉


  3. Our hearts are very happy here 🙂

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  4. Brian R. says:

    Those Pups seem to enjoy it!


  5. Thanks for the mention! Oh where to start- I can see you have solar – very wise move from spark-thieving spirits.
    The legs on you guys, they go forever on that lounge shot, should consider modelling…
    I’m impressed with the invisibility trick, Coco does it too but reappears under my feet!
    Yes home is where the heart is, and tidiness doesn’t factor into it, it’s the love and the atmosphere. Thanks for showing me your place. Please ask Annabelle if I might come for tea one day. 🙂


  6. Pearl has the longest legs, but it’s me who’s a supermodel – a calendar girl, to be accurate. I appeared several times in Pets at Home’s 2010 Greyhound and Lurcher calendars (including the cover!)
    I think it’s a speciality of small dogs to vanish and reappear underfoot – our friend Bella is a little fluffy dog and she does that all the time when she comes to visit. Annabelle’s not used to it and Bella fools her every time.
    Annabelle says you’d be very welcome to come to tea. 🙂


  7. Luxury kennel indeed-Jack Henry says it is very important that you let the humans sit on the furniture once in a while-makes them feel *special* 😉


  8. Absolutely right, Jack Henry. We allow Annabelle a small corner of the couch near the TV. 😀


  9. Your solar panels are so VERY Arizona! 🙂


  10. Thank you! We just wish we had Arizona weather – our solar panels don’t get much sun to work with.


  11. As I read this I’m sitting on a couch draped in light blankets so my dogs can jump all over it. They have the run of the house. It’s the only way to treat our best friends! I just hope the house doesn’t smell doggy and I’m so used to it I don’t know.


  12. We know Annabelle worries about the house smelling doggy, because sometimes she asks her friends if it does. They always say no, but they’re probably being polite. We don’t care what the house smells like – the doggier, the better!


  13. lauramomma27 says:

    I so hope that’s true, because I’m gonna want to be haunted too… I really like your blog too, even though this is the first article I read! Thanks again for the comments and I will definitely enjoy reading your blog. 🙂


  14. Thank you so much for following us. And yes, the house is definitely haunted!


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