The Language of Tails

We love this post by our bloggy friend Rachel, who has a real talent for translating dog language.


Cricket’s tail was docked in puppyhood and the bit that’s left is about two inches long, maybe less, but she uses what she has to her fullest ability. If she has a poopy issue left over after a walk and I manage to catch her and carry her into the bathroom, she uses her stub of a tail to protect that poop from being removed. Slam! Tail down. If she’s angry and barking at intruders, she lifts her tail and shakes it like a fist. If she’s excited, her tail spins around in a tiny circle, like a propeller lifting her off the floor.

Cricket's little nub Cricket’s little nub

Cricket’s groomer, the one we like, decided to give Cricket a puffy poodle tail one time, like a cotton ball attached to her butt. It made it very difficult to understand Cricket for a few days, until I took out the scissors and…

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4 Responses to The Language of Tails

  1. Our pleasure, Rachel. It was a really insightful article – on human as well as dog behaviour. 🙂


  2. Loved the post, Annabelle–so true and so revealing. I adore a big thwapping, communicative tail. Wish I had one too. 😛


  3. Thwapping – what a wonderful word. Our tails are as thwapping as they come – you don’t get much thwappinger than the tail of a greyhound or lurcher! Millie x


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