Human Toys

What is it with humans and books?

Our world is simple.  The things we care about are food, water, a comfy bed, food, a loving home, walks, food, toys, chews and food.  Humans, on the other hand, care about so many things it’s impossible to count them.  It’s also impossible to understand why they care about most of them.

Annabelle cares passionately about books.  She can sit staring at a book for an hour or more, focusing all her attention on it like she’s stalking a rabbit, and  when she’s not doing that she’s making books for other people to look at.  I can’t see what the attraction is – you can’t eat a book or play with it, and you certainly can’t live on it.  Books don’t smell or taste good, either.  I tried chewing one once, just to see what the fuss was about, but it was most unsatisfactory – I’d much rather chew on a ball.Millie with ball

Or a stick.Millie Two Sticks head

Annabelle says books are made of sticks, but that makes no sense to me.  Nor do the pictures I see in Annabelle’s head when she’s looking at a book – pictures of strange people and places that have nothing to do with us…

Then there’s the computer, where the Internet lives.  The Internet is magic, I know that – I can transmit my thoughts onto it through Annabelle so anyone else who has a computer can read them.  Annabelle uses it to conjure up food, which has to be a good thing.  And Pearl can watch her dog idol Boy Gorgeous do clever stuff (see for more unique sound effects from this cutting edge music star).    But it’s dangerous, too – I fear for Pearl, falling for someone she’s only ever seen on the Internet.  How can she trust someone she’s never even smelled?

Annabelle doesn’t always get on with the computer.  Sometimes it decides it doesn’t want to work for her, and then she and the computer have a fight.  She shouts at it, and the computer just sits there like it’s above such displays of temper, which makes Annabelle shout even more.  These are terrible times, when Annabelle’s aura is filled with rage; it’s like the whole house is full of toxic fumes, and the picture in her head is a fearsome image of a computer flying through a window amid exploding glass.

It makes me wonder if we’d be better off without it.  Maybe Annabelle should stick to just looking at books.  Or better still, take us for more walks – the woods are a good place to be right now.Mollie in bluebells

So come on, Annabelle, wake up – there’s a world out there!

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3 Responses to Human Toys

  1. honeybee29 says:

    Wow this is one of the best blogs ever!

    Such a beautiful dog…. And this is well just incredibly written

    Dogs really are great writers too 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Ciara. I think dogs are great writers, too – probably because they don’t worry about getting things wrong!


    • honeybee29 says:

      Oh yes very true! My dog Chloe wrote a happy Father’s Day card once

      But it was nowhere near as we’ll thought out or smart as this

      Here talent doesn’t lie is writing!


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