Message from Annabelle: Why the World Needs Fairyland

Woodland pathFairyland and the human world need each other.  Without human imagination to give it shape, the Fairy world is just a series of colourful light patterns.  Without Fairyland, all of Nature would just curl up and die.

At one time our world and Fairyland worked closely together, but for years now they’ve been drifting apart.  Too many humans have stopped believing in Magic.  They’ve replaced it with Technology, and the natural world is slowly being taken over by creeping concrete.

It’s not all our fault – Fairies haven’t helped matters by being so secretive and making it so difficult for us to get in and out of their Land.  It’s not easy to believe in Fairies if you’ve never seen one.

Most humans have a Magic-shaped hole in them, which they try to fill with other things.  This never works.

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6 Responses to Message from Annabelle: Why the World Needs Fairyland

  1. Fiona Riley says:

    We must all believe in Fairyland


  2. 1annecasey says:

    Millie – how did you get to be so wise? You have a very beautiful vision of the world. More humans should listen to you. i see Annabelle is working on this. Love from your dog-blogger friend, Monty : )))xx


  3. Thank you, Monty. We dogs know what’s what because we don’t think too much! xx


  4. jjspina says:

    Hi Annabelle,
    It is so nice to meet you. I am with you. I love fantasy and fairyland. I am still a kid at heart and believe. It we stop believing in the impossible we will grow old. Thanks for following me. I will follow you.


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