Notes from a small dog: Pets and fireworks…

November 5 isn’t our favourite day – we’re not fans of big bangs. Annabelle is going to put the Rock Show on at top volume so we can’t hear them. Funny how we can sleep through any amount of death metal but we can’t cope with a few fireworks!
Here’s what our friend Ani has to say about Bonfire Night, including a useful link to the RSPCA’s advice…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

She says it is fireworks season again…which means loads of pops, bangs and fizzes. Two-legses may like them… four-legses, not so much. I used to be really scared…

But I’m all growed up now and my two-legs is pretty well trained; she closes the curtains for me, puts the noisy box on to cover the bangs and makes sure I have somewhere safe and cosy to snuggle though I usually just hide sit under her desk to protect her..

She says most two-legses are pretty good about that sort of thing. But, just in case, there are loads of things you can do… so I thought I’d share the RSPCA’s advice video. You can visit their page here too for other creatures… like horses. They get nervous of everything anyway…I’m not even allowed to say hello to them… so fireworks must really spook them.

Enjoy your fireworks… but keep us…

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7 Responses to Notes from a small dog: Pets and fireworks…

  1. Oh poor Millie and Pearl, we hope it stays quiet where you are without too many bangs. We have a lovely CD by George Skaroulis who composed the music especially to help shelter dogs relax and before the first track has finished we are fast asleep 💤💤 The CD is called ‘The Divinity of Dogs’ and it may help you feel calm too 😚💕

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  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks Pearl, Millie (and your two-legs too). Yeah, I can sleep through most things…but not postmen, fireworks or the hoover-monster…

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