Chainsaw Massacre!

Annabelle is a murderer.

She talks a lot of big talk about loving Nature and the fairies who look after it, but when it comes to the crunch, she’s not above killing trees.

Yes, that’s what I said – killing trees. Like it’s not bad enough that trees are dying from disease, without murdering perfectly healthy ones!

Heart Tree

Those conifers were part of our little kingdom for as long as I can remember. They were here before Pearl and me. They were here before Annabelle, and she’s been here forever. They even grew into a heart shape to show us how much they loved us. But last month Annabelle hired a gang of chainsaw maniacs to cut them all down.

‘They were getting too big,’ she says. ‘I was afraid they might fall on the house or damage the power lines in a storm.’

‘We’ve had loads of storms already,’ I say. ‘The trees never did any harm.’

‘We’ve got much more light now,’ she says. ‘We can actually see the sky!’

‘We can also see the cables,’ I say. ‘They look ugly – and the garden looks a mess.’

Stumps and cables

Can you see the fairy?

‘It’ll all look better in the spring,’ says Annabelle, with forced brightness.

‘I’ve seen fourteen springs,’ I say. ‘I might not see another.’

‘Don’t be silly, of course you will. You’re starting to sound like my mother!’

I don’t argue any more – I sense she’s losing patience – but I can’t help feeling sad. Those trees contained so much life. I used to spend warm summer days lying underneath them, listening to the soothing music of the collar doves, and I loved to watch the little bats chase each other through the branches at dusk.

Millie in garden 3

Now we just see the occasional dove sitting forlornly on a cable, surveying the devastation of its home town and wondering what the hell happened.

‘You can’t say you’ll miss the bird poop,’ says Annabelle. ‘Only last spring you were moaning about bird poop on your fur. And I certainly won’t miss the mess those birds used to make on the mailbox and the car…’

I tune her out. All I can say is, she’s lucky the Dryads who cared for those trees weren’t the murdering kind. They could have made the chainsaw man cut the electricity cable, which would have been very nasty for everyone concerned. As it was, they made him cut the telephone line, which got him in trouble with his boss and caused Annabelle several days’ inconvenience. They also made sure the other fairies found out what she did, and odd little things have been going wrong ever since.

She may think it’s just bad luck, but I know better. The fairies don’t forgive.

NB – due to fairy interference, Annabelle’s tech keeps going wrong so there might be a delay in responding to comments. Normal service will be resumed ASAP.



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19 Responses to Chainsaw Massacre!

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Must have indeed been a bittersweet choice to get rid of them, but sometimes we have to do the hard thing. Love the way you presented it though. Fun to read!

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  2. Emma Cownie says:

    The garden will get more light now.

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  3. Oh Millie, we are with you on this! The fairies will make sure Annabelle will give any future trees a regular prune, with their permission, so it will never have to come to this again. This tree gave so much love, growing in the shape of a heart. We send you all our love, Eivor and Pearl xxx

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    • The conifers were there when Annabelle moved in, and I don’t think she realised how important it was to keep on top of them – spending so much time in the Land of Story, she doesn’t always notice what’s going on around her. Hopefully, the fairies will keep her up to speed in future! 😉

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  4. pollymacleod says:

    Oh dear Millie, I’m with you on this one. That heart shaped tree looked so nice, but more light is good and bird poop is soooooo bad. Maybe if you look really, really forlorn, and with the Dryads and fairies doing their bit you could persuade Annabelle to replace it with something just as nice but a little smaller 🙂 x

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    • We will try. It’ll be hard work, though, because Annabelle hasn’t got green fingers.She asked the guy who comes to cut the lawn if he could maybe plant something there, but he said he’s no good at planting either. Some gardener!!

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      • pollymacleod says:

        Oh dear, that’s not good is it? Perhaps you could sort of do a quick search on Annabelle’s computer for a suitable tree and then maybe just leave the page open for her to see it :-]

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  5. (Oh dear, the fairies are at it again. Why does this horrid green thing keep appearing next to our replies instead of Annabelle’s photo?)


  6. Well said, Millie! BTW, you look ‘tree-rific’ in the photo. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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  7. natswans says:

    Sad to hear about the Trees .We have three Fir Trees , their was 5 but two have had to be cut down. The Fir trees sway at least in the winds . Love trees , sometimes they get on people’s pip and they cut them down Alas,

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    • I did love those trees, but there were about 6 cables (phone and electric) running through them and every time there were high winds (frequently around here!) I worried about the cables getting damaged, also about branches falling on the roof. Also, they were getting on the neighbours’ pip!


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