The Ogre of Green Cwm

There’s an ogre in Green Cwm!

We met him a few weeks ago, on an outing with Owen Bowen and MollyCopter.  Alain and Jan had left the car under a tree so it wouldn’t be too hot for O-Bo and the Copter on the way home. They’d just loaded O-Bo into the back…


…when the ogre came thundering down the track in his chariot, all boiling eyes and brick-red face, uttering foul oaths because he didn’t like where Alain had parked the car.  Alain very bravely pointed out that the ogre had no right to tell people where to park.  The ogre claimed the whole valley belonged to him.  Alain told him it belongs to the Forestry Commission.  Things got heated, and it took all Jan’s gentle diplomacy to restore calm.

The ogre drove away then, but we’re afraid he might have put an evil spell on Green Cwm, because the next time we went there on a pack outing, Alain had a nasty accident.  We’d arranged to meet the others in the car park as usual, and while they were waiting for us Alain had a strange compulsion to play on a rope swing that was hanging from one of the trees.  He’d just got into his stride when the enchanted rope sent him flying.  He landed awkwardly, snapping the bone in the top of his arm.  We didn’t see him for weeks afterwards because he was confined to his kennel house in a lot of pain.

Last Sunday was the first time we’ve seen him since it happened.  His arm is mending nicely, and he’s more or less back to his normal self.


You find some odd things in car parks (apart from ogres). We think there might be a story behind this stray bra, but we can’t imagine what it is. Humans seem to shed their clothes just like we shed our fur – anywhere and everywhere.


It was good to see the gang again.  Owen had a bit of a setback recently – he broke a toe on his one remaining back leg, and the vet had to take the broken toe off. As if he could afford to lose any more parts! Miraculously he’s back on his three feet now, but his mobility is limited and he’s not his usual bouncy self.  We need one more miracle to get him over this latest hurdle, so any healing thoughts you can send will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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8 Responses to The Ogre of Green Cwm

  1. lauramomma27 says:

    I have nominated you lady… I hope you accept., if you haven’t received one already.


  2. Val Boyko says:

    Glad Owen is on the mend! Sending him lots of healing love and lightness 🙂


  3. Thank you! On Friday Alain took him to a special clinic that does alternative treatments like acupuncture, to help heal the underlying condition that’s been undermining his health, so we’re all thinking positive and hoping for the best.


  4. Oh poor Owen! We send our best wishes that he’ll be better soon.


  5. Thank you! He is making progress, but at the moment it’s two steps forward and one step back. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got 3 legs!


  6. shanechall says:

    I have a black lab who got hit by a car once and couldn’t walk, it was scary how fast he was back on his feet and chasing frisbees. Hope Owen gets well soon.


  7. Thank you! The healing thoughts worked – Owen is doing brilliantly and enjoying his walks again. Long may it last!


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