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The Frustrated Hunter

Hi, Keith here! Annabelle has been telling me about Millie and Pearl, the two dogs who used to live here before. She said they used to leave their bodies and astral-travel to Storyland to hunt down ideas for her stories. … Continue reading

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Pearl on #Brexit

Hi, Pearl here! When Snip and Frieda’s humans go out, they leave Radio 4 on to keep the dogs company, so Snip and Frieda are well informed about British politics. I, on the other hand, know very little about it, … Continue reading

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Pearly Practises Blogging

Hi, Pearl here. Millie has said I need to practise my blogging skills, so I’m doing today’s post. Recently, Annabelle has been putting extra bits of cold chicken and turkey on Millie’s dinner. She doesn’t think I’ve noticed, but I … Continue reading

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