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The Benefits of Yoga

The vet says I have heart disease, but I don’t believe him… In this picture, I’m the one doing the Yogic flying. Does that look like heart disease to you? Advertisements

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Why Are People So Bored?

Annabelle has started writing a new book. It’s about magic (of course!) and ghosts. There are loads of books about ghosts, because human beings love to be scared. We dogs can’t understand this; we hate being scared, so why do … Continue reading

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Sorry to disappoint you, but this post isn’t about that guy with the funny hair who’s such a sore subject with people at the moment. Today I want to focus on something that’s a sore subject with us dogs. Yes, … Continue reading

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Some people think sighthounds are only good for hunting little fluffy bunnies, but this isn’t the case. Pearl and I would rather leave the bunnies to enjoy their lives on the dunes around Three Cliffs Bay while we stay home … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Fairy Helicopter

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Why You Should Never Play with Bees

It’s a sad fact that some dogs like to play with bees.  I don’t know whether they do it because they think it makes them look hard, or for the adrenalin rush, or even the endorphin rush when they get … Continue reading

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Ilston Woods

Just been for a wet walk in the Ilston Valley woods.  Annabelle likes it there because it gives her ideas for her stories.  I like the woods because they’re full of STICKS and Pearl likes the woods because there’s plenty … Continue reading

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