About Pearl

Pearl Necklace

Pearl came to me from Greyhound Rescue Wales in March 2010. An ex-racing Greyhound, she’d originally been in the care of the RSPCA in Lincolnshire. At just over  a year old, she was young for her racing career to have ended. Her ears are highly sensitive, and it’s my guess she was too unnerved by the noise at the track to be any good as a racer.

When she first came to me she was terrified to go outside, spending most of her time hiding in the back room, snapping and snarling whenever the lead was produced. However, the gentle expression in her eyes belied the outbursts of fear-aggression, and I knew she had the potential to be a sweet-natured girl.

During the years she’s been with me and Millie, Pearl has changed from a traumatised and desperately defensive dog to a loving and affectionate companion.

Pearl 03111

Here is what Millie had to say about Pearl:

“I have a foster-sister Pearl, who is a GRW sponsor dog. When she first came she was so scared of the outside world that we had to leave her behind when we went for a walk. I thought we’d given up on her, but not a bit of it. One day, Annabelle was eating a sandwich and Pearl snuck out of her hidey-hole in the back room, hoping for a tidbit. Little did she know Annabelle had the lead behind her back. Annabelle offered Pearl a crust, and Pearl took the bait. Quick as a whippet, Annabelle clipped the lead on Pearl’s collar and off we all went. By employing similar trickery over the following weeks, Annabelle got Pearl out for a walk every day until she was used to it.

That was when GRW tried to home her. We were hopeful as we watched her being taken away, but 3 weeks later she was back. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I’m guessing she freaked out when she found herself in a strange new area and turned back into the Great White Monster when it was time for “walkies”. So the kind people at GRW decided she could stay here for good.

Pearl still doesn’t like sudden loud noises, but otherwise she’s a different dog. She loves her life now, and instead of snapping and snarling at the sight of the lead, she jumps for joy!”

Pearl 3 Cliffs

I know you all loved Millie. I hope you will love Pearl just as much.

Header photo and Pearl in Necklace image Debra Allen Photography