Tribute to Frieda

Our friend Alain took this photo of his dogs Snip and Frieda (standing), the day before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Frieda spent her early years locked in a shed, until a kind person ‘freed ‘er’ (hence the name). She was handed over to Greyhound Rescue Wales and came to live with Alain, his partner Jan and their lurcher Snip. It wasn’t long before she and Snip were inseparable.

Once it sunk in that she was safe and free, Frieda was the most joyful, playful dog you could hope to meet. She had a mischievous streak, and sometimes she could be naughty. Sweet-natured most of the time, if she met a dog she didn’t like, she had to go and tell them so. And her taste in snacks was worthy of a contestant in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. If she caught a whiff of dead and rotting wildlife, she would turn into ‘Frieda Torpeda’, zooming off at warp speed to find it – and once she’d found it, she wouldn’t let go until she’d eaten it all. I used to think she had cast-iron insides.

Sadly, this turned out not to be the case in the end. Last year Frieda had to have a mass removed from her intestine and was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma. Jan and Alain have been heroic in their efforts to keep her going with good quality of life, making the two-hour journey to a specialist animal hospital near Bristol every week so she could have chemo. Dogs don’t receive the kind of punishing doses given to humans. and Frieda did well on the treatment with minimal side-effects.

She had ten good months, continuing to enjoy her walks and displaying her usual mischievous nature. But earlier this month she became very ill, and the decision was taken to let her go. She is very much missed by her family, and especially by Snip.

Run free, Frieda Torpeda!


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8 Responses to Tribute to Frieda

  1. We’re so sorry for your loss dear Annabelle. Snip and Frieda featured in so many of your walks and photographs it was a pleasure to see how they had landed on their paws in a wonderful home with loving humans. Run free sweet Frieda and sending love, light and hugs to you, Snip, Jan and Alain and all who knew her 💞💜💞 xxx

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Annabelle for a beautiful tribute

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  3. jan.stanton says:

    Thank you so much Annabelle for this beautiful tribute to our girl. You and your pointies – Millie, Pearl, Keith and Lyra, were such good friends to her. We miss her terribly.Sent from my Galaxy

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  4. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow! says:

    Aw, so sad that she’s passed away and my thoughts with you all, but it’s so lovely that she had a good life and a second chance, I love how she came to be named. I love the photos of her and especially that perfect photo with the rainbow. 🙂 ❤ ❤

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