The Slapstyx – a great summer holiday read! #kidlit #fantasy #humour

What if the dirt and grime that appears in our homes was actually put there by goblins?

What if those goblins filled our homes with dirt that could only be removed with one product – a detergent that poisoned the sea?

Twin sisters Georgie and Gem are the only ones who know about black magician Zachary Zigstack’s evil scheme to make his toxic detergent a world bestseller. Luckily the twins have a magical skill – they can leave their bodies and fly around in spirit form – which means they can spy on Zigstack’s goblin accomplices and find a way to stop them.

But can they do it before all the sea creatures are destroyed? The Slapstyx Goblins are dangerous as well as dirty, and have nasty ways of killing people who cross them…

What Amazon readers had to say about The Slapstyx:

“Annabelle Franklin is a natural at writing for children. This story keeps you wanting more from start to finish.” Jill Moffat

“I really enjoyed this story and sympathised with the twins being blamed most unfairly for something that wasn’t their fault. There were laugh aloud moments through the book too.” Daisy Lewis

“Very funny. An amusing way to highlight the dangers of harsh cleaning products and their effect on the environment. Full of magical creatures – goblins, mermaids and sea monsters.” Lynnee

“This is what I call a ‘real children’s book’. It’s bang up to date and deals with today’s issues in a magical, imaginative way. It’s a great concept. We all loved it.” Alhaze

Pick up this fun seaside adventure here!

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