Sad News About Pearl

I’m so sorry to have to tell you that Pearl crossed the Bridge on Saturday.

She took a turn for the worse last week as more of her joints flared up. The vets diagnosed polyarthritis and prescribed steroids, but her body couldn’t cope with them. She became very ill and went into collapse. Since she was unable to take the medication needed to keep her out of severe pain, the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep.

She is very much missed by all of us who loved her.

Pearl in bluebells

PEARL 2009-2020


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34 Responses to Sad News About Pearl

  1. natswans says:

    Oh I am so very sorry to hear this. Thinking of you at this sad time.
    Much Love , you gave Pear a lovely life xx

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  2. Oh this is such sad news to read, we are all so very sorry. Run free Pearl and enjoy your next adventure 🌺

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  3. We’re so sorry for your loss Annabelle. Our Ruby couldn’t cope with steroids either and you did the kindest thing by letting her go. Thinking of you and sending lots of love your way 💞💜💞 Run free sweet Pearly, it’s so lovely to know you and we hope we’ll meet again one day 💜🕊🌈 xxx

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  4. Oh, I’m sorry, Annabelle. You did the right thing but it must be so hard right now and not much consolation. The rainbow bridge is waiting for all of us. It’s where I’m going anyway. An afterlife with no dogs in it won’t be worth the trouble.

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  5. pollymacleod says:

    Oh Annabelle I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news about Pearl. I know the heartbreak of having to have a much loved pet put to sleep, but I also know that it is often the kindest thing to do. Take comfort in remembering her when she was well, and the wonderful life you gave her. xx

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  6. cindy knoke says:

    I am so sorry Anabelle.

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  7. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  8. Sue Vincent says:

    I am so sorry, Annabelle. I am glad that you and Pearl found each other and shared so much love x

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  9. Emma Cownie says:

    I am very sorry to hear this new, Annabelle. It’s always very hard to say good bye to a pet as they are such good companions, especially dogs.

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  10. I am so sad for you. She was a gorgeous dog and I can see in her eyes the affection. My dog is 12 and I am so worried about that day arriving.

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  11. Oh, I am very sad to hear this news, Annabelle. May Pearl find all of her lost friends across the rainbow bridge xxx

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  12. I’m so sad to hear this. So sorry for your loss. RIP beautiful Pearl! And big hugs to you, Annabelle!

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  13. Willow Croft says:

    What a post to be backlogged in my inbox, and one that I missed. I am so very sorry about Pearl, too.

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  14. happyorbits says:

    oh no !! RIP pearl !!

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