Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #PotLuck #wartime – Mercy Dogs 2014 by Annabelle Franklin

Many thanks to Sally for including another post in her Pot Luck series! Head on over to her blog for Millie’s post about the Mercy Dogs of the Great War. Sally’s post also includes a wonderful review of my book Gateway to Magic, which is free on Smashwords through July at

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Welcome to the series  Posts from Your Archives, where bloggers put their trust in me. In this series, I dive into a blogger’s archives and select four posts to share here to my audience.

If you would like to know how it works here is the original post:

This is the third post from the archives of children’s author Annabelle Franklin who lives in a lovely part of South Wales. She blogs from the Literate Lurcher..or should I say Millie and Pearldo….Millie has sadly passed away now but lives on in the hearts and minds of her pack. In this post Annabelle pays tribute to the dogs who accompany soldiers into war and offer so much more than essential companionship.

 Mercy Dogs 2014 by Annabelle Franklin

Human wars are crazy affairs, with people getting together in great packs and tearing each other apart. We didn’t know until…

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4 Responses to Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #PotLuck #wartime – Mercy Dogs 2014 by Annabelle Franklin

  1. What a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing it, Annabelle!

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  2. What a beautiful anthology project to be involved in Annabelle, it sounds like a very poignant tribute 💜

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    • Thank you! When I the project was first suggested I didn’t think I would be able to contribute as I knew next to nothing about the Great War and I’ve always shied away from war in any shape or form. But I did a bit of research, and when I read about the Mercy Dogs I was inspired to write about them. They must have been such a comfort to injured and dying men.

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