Run Free, Millie

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Millie crossed the Bridge earlier this week. She was a very special girl, and she’ll be sadly missed by her family and friends. Her playful, fun-loving spirit lives on and will continue to be the inspiration behind this blog.

Goodnight, sweet Millie.

Millie aged 14 weeks


MILLIE 2003-2018

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27 Responses to Run Free, Millie

  1. So sad to hear about your loss, Annabelle. What a sweet girl Millie was!
    *hugs* xxx

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  2. pollymacleod says:

    Oh no, I’ve been dreading this. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Millie Annabelle. She lived to a grand old age and will be missed by many xx

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  3. We are so sorry for your loss dear Annabelle 💔 Millie was and always be the sweetest soul and we are grateful we got to know her and her beautiful storytelling skills through your blog. Big hugs from all of us here. Run free sweet Millie 🌈💕 xxx

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  4. Willow Croft says:

    So sorry. You’ll see her again, in some form or another.

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  5. Oh I am so very sorry my lovely, I can only imagine the sorrow of your loss. Wishing you love and comfort from us all here. X

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  6. Emma Cownie says:

    Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s tough losing a pet but I am glad that she had a long and happy life.

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  7. Sue Vincent says:

    There are no words, Annabelle. You must be heartbroken. Hugs x

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  8. Moke says:

    Millie will be sorely missed by all her Blogosphere fans too. I so sorry for your loss thank you for sharing the wonderfulness of Millie with us. Mxxx

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  9. Yes, run free now sweet Millie. You’ll be missed. So sorry for your loss, Annabelle. My thoughts are with you and Pearl. Hugs ༼ つ ◕o◕ ༽つ

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Goodbye sweet Millie, may your spirit be happy.

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  11. natswans says:

    So sorry Millie has left you , such a sweet girl .

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  12. Good-bye, dear Millie. Say hello to “Charlotte” and perhaps play with her awhile. (hugs)

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