The Old and the New

Old Millie

Well, I’ve made it through to the spring, just like Annabelle said I would. But don’t let anyone tell you old age is a golden age . There’s precious little that’s golden about it, as far as I can see.

For a start, I can no longer run the way I used to. We sighthounds love to run, and when I was younger I used to run for the sheer joy of it; now I can only run when I’m scared. I get scared a lot on walks now. When you get to my age, Nature is always on the lookout for an opportunity to send you over the Bridge. I’m not strong enough to survive a snake bite or fight off an attacking dog, so if I see something I don’t like the look of, I take to my heels before it can spot me.

Which brings me to another problem of age: I quite often forget my way home. If I lose Annabelle when I’m running away, I end up losing myself as well, causing much anxiety for both of us. It’s better when we can go for a walk with our friends Snip and Frieda. I feel safer on a walk with Snip; nothing scares him, and I know he’d protect me if anything went wrong.

Snip 011

Snip, my guardian angel

These days I prefer astral travel to long walks; but since I’ve been spending so much time out of my body, it has started acting off its own bat, without my say-so. Things are being done in the house that really should be done outside, if you get my meaning.

On a happier note, the view from the front garden looks much better now than it did last October when the conifers were cut down. Remember this?

Stumps and cables

The nature spirits have been busy behind the scenes, and now it’s bursting with new life.

Millie in spring garden

Also, our friend the ash tree has made it through the winter. We were afraid we were going to lose her to ash dieback last autumn, but she’s fought back – and here she is, resplendent in her spring finery!

New ash leaves 1

I just wish I could be renewed every spring. I was never meant to get old, I was meant to be a puppy forever.

Is it just me, or does everyone feel like that?

Note from Annabelle: You’re lucky you’re a dog, Millie – you may be old, but you still look stunning. When we humans get old, we look like muppets and garden gnomes.




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15 Responses to The Old and the New

  1. Alain Thomas says:

    Millie you are an eternally young and beautiful soul.

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  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    Getting older is hard for us all, no doubt, but Annabelle is right, Millie: at least you remain cute!

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  3. Oh sweet Millie, so sorry to hear you feel scared on your walks. You can ask Annabelle to keep you on the lead, that way you will be safe and always close to her. If an unpleasant dog runs towards you, Annabelle can stand in front of you and do the growling. You can still do zoomies in your astral travel and in your dreams – you feel like a pup again! Your garden looks lovely now, the faeries have really worked their magic! Take care sweetie, much love to you, Pearl and Annabelle from Eivor and Pearl 🐾💖🐾 xxx

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  4. I feel that way too… I think that most of us do. Happy Spring! 🙂

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  5. natswans says:

    Hi Millie you still looking wonderful and your lovely mum taking good care of you.
    I remember the tree trunk it has a amazing look now with Nature taking over.
    Take care hugs to Millie enjoy the summer.

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  6. Emma Cownie says:

    At least old hounds can enjoy the smells of outdoors and you seem to have plenty on tap!

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  7. pollymacleod says:

    Hello Millie, I’m very sorry to be so late, I don’t know how I missed this post. It brought tears to my eyes, I don’t like to think of you being scared, and your body doing things you don’t want it to. I’m sure Annabelle looks after you very well. I know how much you Lurchers love to run. I agree about old age, Bette Davis said “Old age is no place for sissies”, and she was right. I don’t like being old either, I wanted to stay a youngster forever. It’s good to know you have a guardian angel, he is a handsome fellow..
    I know one should never ask a lady her age but I would like to know how old you are Millie.
    Annabelle is right, you still look pretty, we humans don’t age well.
    I remember the conifers being cut down, I’m glad to see your garden looking good, and the ash looking nice and healthy.
    Take care dear Millie xx

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    • I guess there are worse places to get old! Some old dogs are abandoned by owners who find it too much trouble to care for them. At least I know that will never happen to me! Much love, Millie xx
      PS – I’m 14. That’s 98 in dog years.

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      • pollymacleod says:

        wow well done Millie, you’re a grand old lady 🙂 you have been well loved and looked after. People who abandon their pets when they get old should be flogged.
        Take care dear Millie xx

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