Passing on my skills

I won’t always be around to post here, so I’ve been trying to pass on my skills to Pearl. Not that I claim to be an expert, but people seem to like my blog and it would be a shame for it all to stop after I’ve gone.

Millie teaches blogging skills

Pearl has posted once or twice before, but only to disrespect me and big herself up. That sort of bitchiness will not win followers (at least, it shouldn’t). Readers want interesting topics and useful information. Pearl isn’t stupid, but like most greyhounds she’s basically lazy – she thinks blogging is hard work and one or two posts a year is more than enough. So I’ve been trying to encourage her by setting little exercises.

The first one was a how-to list. ‘People like how-to lists,’ I told her. ‘And they’re easy to do, so it’ll be a good starting point for you.’

‘What shall I make my list about?’ she asked.

‘Anything you like,’ I said.

This is what she came up with.

How to Trash a Chair by Pearl Greyhound

  • Scrape it with your claws until you’ve made a small hole
  • Use your teeth to pull out some stuffing
  • Make the hole bigger
  • Pull out more stuffing
  • Carry on until all the stuffing has gone, or your human notices what’s happening
Pearl destroys chair

Has anyone told her a chair is not a toy?

All I can say is, I hope it’s a long time before I have to hand over the controls of this blog to her.

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13 Responses to Passing on my skills

  1. We hope so too sweet Millie, however insightful Pearl’s step-by-step guide may seem. Much love to you all from the wintry Highlands and we hope you are feeling a bit better :o) xxx

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  2. suesj says:

    My Millie does exactly the same as Pearl, but she spreads the innards as far around the house as she can get away with. She also loves socks, today she managed to destroy half a pair of almost the last decent pair of socks I have. She steals them off the radiator. But she doesn’t have a wiser head to teach her like you do with Pearl. x

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Haha, oopsie. Looks like Pearl’s been up to some mischief. Who would believe such an innocent face could be behind that? 😄

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  4. pollymacleod says:

    I hope so too dear Millie, I was worried when I first started reading. Oh dear and she looks so sweet and innocent. Buster goes round and round in circles on his sheepskin rug then scrapes it, a few pieces have fallen out but it’s quite tough 🙂 x

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  5. Hahaha…too funny! Pearl is indeed a chair-PEaRrlSON. ( ง ´◇`)ง

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