Ash Dieback?


This little ash tree grows in a fairy dell we sometimes pass on our walks. The Dryad who looks after the tree is a particular friend of ours and we often stop for a chat.


Lately, we’ve noticed our tree isn’t looking well. All the trees look a bit tired at this time of year, but our little ash has sinister dark spots on some of her leaves. We’re afraid this might be due to ash dieback, a disease that’s affecting trees all over Europe. Humans are trying to stop the spread, but it’s an uphill battle.


Our tree is still very young, and it’s the young ones who die the quickest. We feel sorry for the Dryad because she’s just a child, but she seems OK about it. She says it’s all part of a greater cycle, and if this one dies there’ll be other ash trees to care for. Pearl asked her what she’ll do if all the ash trees die. I thought that was an insensitive question, but then Pearl has never been known for her tact.


The Dryad said that if all the ash trees die, the disease will die with them and one day new, healthy ash trees will grow. In the meantime, she will be a free spirit in Fairyland. The fairies don’t get attached to the transient objects that make up the Earth plane – they care for them while they’re here and let go of them as they pass.


All the same, we very much hope our friend the ash tree will survive the winter. We wish her a good sleep during the dark months, and hope to see her clothed in fresh green leaves next spring.


Fairy image by Stefan Keller

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11 Responses to Ash Dieback?

  1. Oh dear. This reminds me of the once beautiful horse chestnut trees near me, dry and brown leafed since June due to some horrible disease that won’t kill them but does disfigure them. You write beautifully about your ash tree. I wish it luck!

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  2. Oh dear, we hope your friend will survive the Winter too dear Millie and Pearl. Bravo to Pearl too for having the courage to ask those challenging questions so many are afraid to ask. Love and wags to you all from Eivor and Pearl xxx

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Sad to see a sweet tree die, but new life is good too.

    “Pearl has never been known for her tact.”—Ha!

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  4. pollymacleod says:

    Hello Millie, i do hope your Ash tree survives. The thing is with ladies, if we want to know something we have to ask, we can’t help ourselves 🙂

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  5. I love this Annabelle. What a magical story and such simple wisdom as well. I feel a special connection to trees and hope your little ash has a good rest and a glorious spring.

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