Angry Annabelle on Advertising

Once again my Yahoo inbox is behaving badly, in spite of me having a new computer. Must be something about March…

The Literate Lurcher

Sorry, but I just gotta rant! Sorry, but I just gotta rant!

Is anyone else sick and tired of adverts in their inbox slowing down the typing of emails?

This morning I had to wait several minutes just so I could be shown an animation of a pink fireman with a pink hose (surely a deliberate subliminal) spraying pink goop on a stomach full of Exorcist-green puke. While this delightful vision was uploading I couldn’t type a word. This kind of advertising doesn’t induce me to purchase the stuff being shown, it just makes me angry and stressed.

Then again, maybe the idea is to give you indigestion so you’ll buy Gaviscon (other brands of pink goop are available).

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4 Responses to Angry Annabelle on Advertising

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    Gmail seems to be pretty advert free, luckily!

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  2. pollymacleod says:

    Hi Annabelle, switch to Google, it’s an ad free zone (at the moment).

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  3. I’ve often thought of switching to Gmail, but then I think of the head-melting hassle of changing my email address on all the sites I use, and all the friends I’d have to give my new address. Maybe I’ll do it sometime when I’ve got a whole week with nothing else to do!

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    • I think the folks at Yahoo know that most people won’t bother to change for the same reasons as me, so they can be as useless as they like – I get the impression they’re only really there for people who run ads on their pages. I bet those companies get better customer service than we do!


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