How To Make Your Own Christmas Song

Want to survive the holidays without getting into debt? Forget those ‘hamper’ catalogues you have to pay into all year – a successful Christmas record will pay for your Christmas shopping every year for the rest of your life. And it’s so easy to do!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A half-decent singing voice
  • Your local primary school choir
  • Jingly bells
  • Chimes
  • A Phil Specter wall of sound
  • A burst of Wizzard-style sax
  • A handful of cheesy seasonal lyrics
  • The keys C major, A minor, F major and G major (in that order)

Mix the ingredients well in a small studio, post on YouTube the day after Easter and marinate for 6 months.

Good luck!christmas-world-clipart-santa-claus-photos

Image from Photobucket

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6 Responses to How To Make Your Own Christmas Song

  1. Chris White says:

    😁 🎸🎺🎻🎶🎷

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  2. Sounds like a brilliant idea!

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  3. Echo says:

    Oh is that all?! Wtf…I better go book that choir! Thx for the tips (giggles)xoxo

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