Had to reblog this today. Sometimes humour is the only answer to a crazy world.

The Literate Lurcher

Sorry to disappoint you, but this post isn’t about that guy with the funny hair who’s such a sore subject with people at the moment. Today I want to focus on something that’s a sore subject with us dogs.

Yes, folks, this post is about farts. Or ‘trumps’, as they are sometimes known here in the UK.

OMG, who dropped that one? OMG, who dropped that one?

Annabelle has a friend – let’s call him Robert – who is a maestro of the top-volume trouser cough. When he breaks wind, his backside applauds its own performance with gleeful ferocity – and we dogs love him for it. Why? Because there’s no way his monster guffs can be blamed on anyone else. His farts are honest – they hold up their hands and say, ‘We came from Robert’s bottom.’

In other words, they can’t be blamed on the DOG.

We dogs get very tired of being…

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2 Responses to Trump

  1. We could all use some humor right now! 🙂

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  2. Absolutely. Bad craziness! 😦


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