#JusJoJan 21st: Annabelle’s guilty pleasure

Typical conversation in the Big Brother House:

‘What exactly is your problem with me?’

‘You’re a drama queen. Let’s not have any more drama tonight, OK?’

‘Errr… have you ever actually watched this show before you came in here?’

‘Of course.’

‘And do you think anyone would watch it if there was no drama?’

‘So you’re just playing to the camera.’

‘No, I’m just being myself. That’s what I am, a drama queen – and I’m not about to tone down the drama just for you, when drama is the whole point of this show. If you didn’t want drama, you shouldn’t have signed up for it.’

As writers, we know there must be conflict between characters or no one will read our stories. This is what people want from their entertainment, and this is why shows like Big Brother do their best to whip up conflict between contestants – but the contestants seem to forget this simple fact when they enter the house and end up being sucked into the drama. If this didn’t happen, the show wouldn’t work.

Maybe the whole of life is a reality show for the entertainment of the gods. We all forget it’s a game and get sucked into the drama…

Yes, I do watch Big Brother – it’s one of my guilty pleasures, and this post is an attempt to justify it by coming over all writerly and philosophical. Sorry.

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6 Responses to #JusJoJan 21st: Annabelle’s guilty pleasure

  1. Annabelle,
    I don’t watch Big Brother, but I had a younger brother. Does that count?

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  2. Depends whether you argued a lot. I also have a younger brother, and when we were kids the conflict between us caused plenty of drama!

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  3. Ahaha! “All writerly and philosophical”!!! Love that line!


  4. Thank you! It’s a good excuse for watching trash TV 😉


  5. Ha ha ha. Getting all writerly and philosophical to justify watching Big Brother. So funny. I do the same to justify watching The Walking Dead 🙂


  6. We all have our guilty secrets! I won’t tell if you don’t 😉


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