#JusJoJan 8th: Spirit in the Sky



The other day we were at Snip’s house and the humans were talking about Snip’s predecessors Owain and Jack, who’ve both crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When Pearl and I were walking Annabelle home afterwards we saw a cloud shaped exactly like a racing greyhound – it was even moving like a greyhound, in slow motion. We felt sure it must be Owain or Jack, letting us know they’re still around.



Sadly, we can’t show you our sighting of the ghostly greyhound – spirits are notoriously camera shy – but we are honourable dogs, so I’m sure you’ll take our word for it.

The Honourable Millie and Pearl

The Honourable Millie and Pearl









If you’ve a jotting you’d like to share, race on over to Linda’s blog for details




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6 Responses to #JusJoJan 8th: Spirit in the Sky

  1. LindaGHill says:

    What lovely long legs!! Thanks so much for linking today, Annabelle. 😀


  2. Rainbow bridge and a cloud shaped like a racing greyhound…loved these statements!


  3. It was magical! We often see clouds that look a bit like something or other, but this one really did look exactly like a racing greyhound.


  4. Val Boyko says:

    Honorable indeed …🐾


  5. Thank you! We love the little pawprints!


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