All Work and No Play

grumpyThe humans have a saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I’m not sure who Jack is, but there’s certainly something in that saying.

The trouble is, most humans don’t know how to play. Why is it considered ‘normal’ for children to play noisy, chaotic games, but if adult humans start leaping about and yelling they’re called crazy? I think it’s sad. Once humans are past a certain age they’re expected to walk along sedately with a poker face and keep their voices down. No wonder they end up stiff and miserable with all sorts of aches and pains. It must be a tremendous strain stifling their instincts for fun and play, only breaking out under the influence of strange-smelling drinks that make them feel sick the next day.cocktails

Humans have their sports, of course, but there are rules attached to those. Maybe if it was ‘normal’ for them to play freely, they wouldn’t feel the need to drown their poor bored brains in smelly drinks. A good start would be play parks for adult humans with bouncy castles and ball pools – a place where they could be as silly and noisy as they liked.Photo00009

Pearl thinks this is a terrible idea – she says it’s bad enough having to listen to kid noise without the grownups joining in. But we’ve already established that Pearl has issues with noise. As for humans, they’d have far fewer issues if they weren’t laced up so tight. I’m 12 – that’s 84 in dog years – but I still run and play like a puppy, and I’m all the better for it.



Don’t you agree?

Pics found here: Grumpy, Cocktails, Bouncy Castle

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22 Responses to All Work and No Play

  1. Oh, Millie. You are so so right!! Thanks for speaking up for us “crazy” humans that love to play. I do need lessons in chasing my tail, if you have some spare time. Thanx!


  2. Wow, you are a sage, Millie! Thanks for the advice for staying young.ヽ(◕◡◕❀ฺ )ノ


  3. Couldn’t agree more! I’m much happier when I’m running and yelling and playing with my kids and dog!! And so are they. Great post!


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    I do agree, Millie! In fact, it’s just about that time of year to jump in a big pile of leaves. Of course, trying to convince my teen sons it will be fun might be trickier. On the other hand, if they get to push me in a pile, they just might go along with it. 😉


  5. That sounds like an excellent idea, Carrie. We love leaping around in leaves! 😀


  6. Find fun in every day, no matter your age! This was a great reminder to do just that. Thank you!


  7. YASS Millie, you go girl!! I completely agree with ya 🙂 But this is a great post, more people should have as much intelligence as Millie! Haha xoxo, Kaylee



  8. suesj says:

    Oh! how I agree Millie! If you hear of an adult play park around do let me know- bouncy castles, ball pools, and long long slides. Why should the kiddies have all the fun eh?


  9. Pearl would get on with my Celine. She has issues with noise too. She twitches her fox terrier nose every time someone raises their voice. Yes. I agree with you. Grown up humans need to play more x


  10. Some dogs have highly sensitive ears, don’t they? And humans can be over sensitive too – I think the reason they don’t play more is because they’re scared of looking silly and being laughed at!


  11. frenchc1955 says:

    Thank you for following my blog.


  12. Such a wise girl Millie–I think that is one of the many reasons we humans need dogs-to remind us of the joy there is in living in the moment and just playing 😉


  13. Absolutely! It was great to see Hubble with his toys – he’s obviously spreading the message 🙂


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