A New Chapter for Millie

Millie's new boyf

This is Snip, who has come to live with Annabelle’s friends Jan and Alain. He’s black, he’s beautiful, and most of all, he’s MINE.


Snip and I hit it off as soon as we met. There was no vacillating between me and Pearl – right from the start, he only had eyes for me.

Big loveLove at first sight?

Pearl says she’s not bothered. She says Snip is only a Lurcher (cheek!), his head is too big (he’s a Staffie Lurcher), and I’m welcome to him. I’ll admit I’ve had trouble with Staffies in the past, but Snip is the softest, gentlest, most loving boy you could hope to meet. He would no more bite me than chew off his own tail, and I would trust him with my life.

Soft lad 2

Soft ladSoft lad

Pearl takes great pleasure in pointing out that Snip is a puppy, while I’m a geriatric. Apart from being deeply insulting, this comment is totally irrelevant. Yes, there’s an age gap, but it doesn’t affect our relationship because we’re completely in tune. I can still run fast enough to enjoy zoomies with him, and he’s mature enough to take over from me on lookout duty when I get tired.

On lookoutThe boy’s a keeper!

Pearl’s snarky attitude only goes to show that she is bothered – well bothered. For the first time ever, she’s not the main attraction around here.

BotheredDoes this face look bothered?

One thing is certain – Snip and I are not about to let the green-eyed monster spoil this wonderful new adventure!A new chapter

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22 Responses to A New Chapter for Millie

  1. pit love says:

    Pearl, you know who’s boss . . . and you needed a minion!


  2. Poor Pearl. You mustn’t be too harsh on her Millie. Enjoy your fling while you can. Young men can be flighty.


  3. You have a point there, Pinky. I’m being kind to Pearl today because she’s just been to the dentist… yet again!


  4. Val Boyko says:

    So happy for you Millie! He looks like a real charmer 🙂


  5. Oh, he is – nobody can resist him, especially when he rolls over on his back and waves his paw!


  6. Yes, life is pretty sweet at the moment! ❤


  7. Congrats, Pearl! I’m glad you have a toy boy…dog toy…dog toy boy…to keep you young! And a staffie mix at that – score!


  8. He isn’t my toy boy, he’s Millie’s – but between you and me, I don’t think it’s going to last. Snip has already started flirting with a pretty young Lurcher who lives down the lane! Pearl xx


  9. natswans says:

    Wonderful that sleek black coat , my Lady Lurcher is much the same. Great companion for Mille, happy days and lots of running around. 🙂 x


  10. Millie is exhausted from running around after that boy – it’s not easy keeping up with a younger man!
    We love black Greyhounds and Lurchers ❤ Snip has what's known as a seal-back coat, black with a golden-brown tinge – my photos don't really do it justice.


  11. Kev says:

    Bless! 🙂


  12. Smiling right back with a big Greyhound grin! 🙂


  13. How sweet!
    Annabelle, thanks for liking my post About.


  14. My pleasure, Melinda. I love the name purpleslobinrecovery! 😀


  15. PK says:

    Hi (honeybee29 here) I just wanted to let you know my blog has changed a tiny bit
    So Dancing In the Sunshine has a new name (and I’ve changed my username) Just to make sure you knew it was me! 🙂


  16. Thanks for letting me know. I like the new name and the new look!
    Snip has gone on his holidays, to France. Millie is missing him loads. ;(


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