Barbecue days

We love Ani’s summer poem and her advice on what to do if your dog gets heatstroke.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

sheffield book weekend 054

Moving in slow motion,
Reluctant effort spawning sleep
Before midday.
Soporific humming
Through open windows
Signals summer.
Only the flies are happy,
Making friends with flesh
Ensuring wakefulness.
Cloistered madness yawns,
Stretching fur-clad limbs
This is the time
For tennis balls
And Hot Dogs…

dawg 003

 Every year many dogs die from heatstroke. They cannot regulate their body temperature in the same way a human can. Even just a ‘warm’ day can prove fatal… a parked car with an interior temperature of 22 degrees may rise to 47 degrees within an hour. Even with ventilation, dogs suffer and die.

It isn’t just dogs at risk. Protect your pets. More info at the RSPCA website by clicking this link.

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2 Responses to Barbecue days

  1. My dogs love their tennis balls too. ‘Soporific humming” lovely!


  2. The soporific humming is getting a bit close for comfort at the moment – we’re being plagued by bluebottles in the house, and Pearl isn’t quick enough at catching them!


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