Don’t Steal Our Skin!

It seems human beings are not content with their own skin.

We can see why – humans have decidedly weird skin, mostly bald with a few tufts of hair in strange places. We understand how they might get cold and need extra clothing; even us dogs like to wear warm coats in bad weather. But people’s obsession with the look of their clothing has gone far beyond keeping warm. It has to be stylish, and sadly some humans think it’s stylish to wear animal skins.

In the bad old days, humans had no choice but to steal the skins off animals to keep warm. There’s no need for that now because humans have learned how to make clothes out of other materials, and their factories are always churning out new fabrics. But, unbelievably, some humans still like to wear fur and leather.

Worst of all, it has come to our attention that some of this fur and leather comes from DOGS.

Yes, you read right. Not content with their own skin, these ‘stylish’ humans want to steal ours – and that’s a scary thought. A human being can take off a fur coat, but we’re attached to ours and removing it is not only painful but lethal.

We won’t go into detail here about how this skin theft is accomplished. We reckon most of our readers are sensitive enough to get the message without seeing the gory details. We just want you to know that some of your clothes and other ‘stylish’ items might have been made from the skins of dogs like me and Pearl – things like gloves, shoes, belts, bags, wallets and fur trim on clothes.

You see, you won’t realise it’s dog skin. The bad people who make these things know you wouldn’t buy them if you thought they were made from animals like the ones who share your homes. So it’s safer all round to avoid all fur and leather. If no one ever bought it, the people who make it would go out of business and all animals would be safer.

If you go to you’ll find plenty of style tips that don’t involve skin theft. Happy shopping!

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8 Responses to Don’t Steal Our Skin!

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I had no idea this was a thing. I don’t have fur anything, but I have a leather purse. Certainly makes one rethink things.


  2. I only found out recently myself. I have to confess to owning shoes, bags and belts made of leather, but I won’t be buying any more!


  3. That’s not only tragic, but also gross. I would walk along side you, Millie, but I sure wouldn’t wear you – or your friends – as a fashion accessiry.. so sad.


  4. It is gross, isn’t it? Luckily it doesn’t happen where we live, so we’re safe, but that doesn’t stop us grieving for the dogs in China who are sacrificed for the sake of fashion. 😦 Millie xx


  5. I wouldn’t have dreamed of buying real fur and I don’t buy much leather but will make sure never to again. You’re right Millie. We don’t need to do that to any animals anymore.


  6. Well said, Mille! Do you think they use cat skin and fur too to make those stuff? (⊙﹏⊙)


  7. I’m afraid they do, yes. Unbelievable but true. 😦


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