Slapstick Goblins

Millie has kindly let me reblog her Halloween post, as I’ve just published my book about the Slapstyx.

Thank you for this, Millie – I know you were reluctant to revisit the hideous experience of watching Pearl try to eat that goblin.

The Literate Lurcher

When the house gets dirty, we dogs often get the blame. This is unfair. We do bring in mud, shed hair and have the occasional ‘accident’, but we’re not responsible for all the mess. A large part of it is down to a tribe of goblins called the Slapstyx, whose mission in life is to fill human homes with dirt.

The Slapstyx look like a cross between humans and insects, and smell like old bin juice. They swarm into the house at night, armed with special tools for distributing dirt – spray cans for spraying cobwebs in corners, pumps for puffing sticky dust onto skirting boards, brushes for painting drink rings on tables and spatulas for plastering mud onto carpets. They skitter through the bathroom putting tide marks in the bath, skid marks in the toilet and all kinds of grime and slime in the sink. They scuttle around…

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4 Responses to Slapstick Goblins

  1. Downloading your book onto my kindle now. I think the Slapstyx visited my house on Thursday and ripped up an entire box of tissues and spread them throughout the house while I was at work. Do they also live in Australia?


  2. I’m afraid the Slapstyx are a global phenomenon – and yes, ripping up tissues sounds like the sort of thing they like to do. I used to blame Millie for it until she put me straight.
    Thank you so much for downloading the book, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


  3. Congratulations again for achieving another monumental effort of publication, Annabelle. Are the sweet hounds receiving any of the royalties off your sales? And how kind of you to offer up the freebie through Monday. I’ve got a few little folks in mind who I think would be very hungry for such a delightful tale. I’ll pass on the word.
    And now to book a road trip tour?


  4. Thank you – recommendations are highly appreciated. And yes, we all share the royalties – extra sausages all round! 😀


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