First Aid, Anyone?

Annabelle and some friends have been on a Canine First Aid Course, held at the Greyhound Rescue Wales Sanctuary.


This should be reassuring for us, but somehow it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure the course itself was very good – but Annabelle has never been the most practical of humans.

For instance, she told us she listened attentively and took notes, but there’s little evidence of this in the photos. We know she has a tendency to go off into a world of her own, and it looks like that’s what was happening here.

Annabelle learns canine first aid 1Annabelle listening attentively and taking notes

And what exactly is going on here?

Impalement 1

Annabelle explained it was a dressing for a dog who had a long, sharp object stuck in his neck – Ceri held the pretend dog while Annabelle put on the bandage. All I can say is, I hope neither Pearl or I ever get a long, sharp object stuck in our neck.

By all accounts the pretend dog caused quite a stir, because certain dogs who live at the Sanctuary thought it was real and made futile attempts to scare it off their territory.

Georgie in crateGeorgie Girl, exhausted after protecting her crib from a toy dog

Pearl says she’d rather have Annabelle deal with our illnesses and injuries than the vet…

Pearl after dentalPlease don’t make me go to the dentist again

…but I reckon the vet is the lesser of the two evils. First aid is not meant to replace the vet – and besides, we’d need the vet after Annabelle’s first aid, whether there was anything wrong with us or not.

NB – you can find out more about beautiful Georgie Girl here. She’s been at the Sanctuary a while now, and is longing to find a forever home.

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17 Responses to First Aid, Anyone?

  1. I love it!! That’s too funny! 😀


  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    But just think–she could become an expert at putting on those dreadful head cones!


  3. This was very, very funny. You are right though, first aid is no substitute for the vet. I think you should be kinder towards Annabelle’s efforts to try to keep you safe though!


  4. Val Boyko says:

    Millie, you are in good form today! I feel sorry for Annabelle … but I am happy you have a good vet 🙂


  5. Hello Millie & Peral, first aid? Ouch…no thanks! But I really enjoyed reading about your funny and very informative first aid story. (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Cheers, Bloggy Cat


  6. Thank you! We’re trying to get Annabelle to read the manual that came with the course – maybe then the whole thing won’t seem so scary!


  7. Oh, this was a terrific post. And hurrah for your Annabelle for taking the course. What lucky pups you all are–you’re so loved!


  8. Thank you! We appreciate your visit – and we appreciate Annabelle too, really. We just hope her First Aid skills never have to be put to the test.


  9. First aid or the vet are no go without bribes, liver treats preferable, and lots of them.


  10. Liver treats! Do you know, we’ve never had those? We’re deprived! We’ll be passing on this information to Annabelle at the earliest opportunity. A vet visit is due on Monday, as it happens – we’ll have to stage a sit-in and refuse to go unless liver treats are forthcoming.


  11. GolNaran says:

    So interesting!
    I enjoyed. I love the last picture and it’s caption.
    All the best, ❤


  12. Thank you! 🙂 Greyhound teeth are always a worry – they seem to need the dentist more than other dogs. That photo was taken after Pearl’s second dental in a year!


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