Malamute Magnet

My encounter with the Big Bad Wolf (featured in Tree of the Fairies) has turned me into a magnet for malamutes and other husky-type dogs.  Since that incident, I’ve been chased by this type of dog no less than four times –once on the golf course, twice on the beach, and once in Green Cwm, the valley that runs through Parc le Breos.

Parc le Breos

Normally, Green Cwm is a peaceful sort of place to go for a stroll…

July 006

…or simply relax.  We’ve been walking there in the evenings with Mollie and Owen because it’s quiet and not too hard on Owen’s remaining legs.

July 008

But the other day, just as we got there, a large husky type broke away from his owner and came after me and Pearl.  We had speed on our side and plenty of open space to run in, but that dog was persistent.  The owner – and Annabelle – were left far behind, shouting ineffectually.

Luckily, Green Cwm has some excellent hiding places.  There’s the Long Cairn, an ancient burial chamber, which is a bit spooky at night, but provides excellent cover in the daytime.


???????????????????????????????We were safe in there for a while…

July 011

July 012…until Pearl poked her head over the side to see if the dog had gone.  He hadn’t, and we were spotted – not surprising, really, Pearl is pretty conspicuous – so we made a break for the Batcave.???????????????????????????????

The humans call it the Cathole Cave, presumably because it looks like a cat’s backside with a tail. There are no cats there – just a lot of bats hanging upside-down from the roof.  Like the burial chamber, it’s safe enough in daylight.

(Not many humans know this, but at night the ‘bats’ turn into vampire fairies – tiny humanoid creatures with sharp teeth, leathery wings and Goth hairdos.  They’re harmless enough, but they do enjoy scaring people when they get the chance – their favourite trick is flapping in people’s faces then disappearing into the darkness.  They return to the cave at daybreak to sleep.)


???????????????????????????????We hid in the Batcave until we heard Annabelle calling us.  Even then, we weren’t taking any chances; we climbed up on top of the cave, where we could check out the situation without being seen from below.


July 026Only when we were sure our pursuer had been captured did we venture back down into the valley and continue our walk.

I know one thing – I’d rather face an army of vampire fairies than a manic malamute intent on making a hole in me!

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21 Responses to Malamute Magnet

  1. Val Boyko says:

    Millie is so practical and clever 🙂
    Loved this adventure!


  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Such a fun read!


  3. Yikes. This does sound a tad scary. Glad nobody was mauled in the making of this story,


  4. What an adventure Miss Millie-as I was reading I felt like I was right there along with you running for safety-I see Miss Pearl needs to be reminded of the importance of paying attention to the one in charge 😉 be safe all!!


  5. Thank you! The trouble is, Pearl is firmly convinced that she’s the one in charge. She may be Queen Bee at home, but she’s a total mess when we’re out – perfectly understandable considering her history, but she needs to learn to leave important decisions to me.
    Hope you had fun yesterday! Hubble is a brave boy – we’re scared stiff of fireworks.


  6. I love the Cathole Cave. Malamutes are a bit aggressive. It was a wise move to stay away from them Millie. Stay safe because I love your stories x


    • We’ll do our best! We’ve heard that malamutes can be loving and affectionate companions to their humans, but they are also escape artists with a strong prey drive and their humans need to be responsible people who know how to handle them. Unfortunately, they seem to have become the latest canine fashion accessory in this part of the world.


  7. Millie, I can see why the humans call it “Cathole Cave”! What a lovely place to walk…and hide from rogue Huskies.


  8. We’re lucky to have so many magical places to go for walks… and we’re becoming experts at escaping from naughty dogs!


  9. What a fantastic, historic place for a stroll and a bit of adventure. I can tell Pearl is a busy-body, poking her head into danger like that. Just as well she has friends to be in cahoots with.


  10. Lesley says:

    What a shame that such an exciting and interesting walk was ruined by an out of control malamute. They’ve become a fashion accessory round here as well. A few years ago they were very as scarce as hen’s teeth. I love Cathole Cave, except that it’s full of bats, after my recent ‘bat in the bedroom’ experience I’m no longer a fan.


  11. We wouldn’t want bats in the bedroom, either! :O


  12. Now this is a romp I would have given my left lung to have been on. Gorgeous scenery, and rife with those enticing mystical muses.
    Cheers for the lovely mid-day caper. 😛


  13. Thank you – glad you enjoyed!
    We wanted to visit your blog but Annabelle’s anti-virus thingy got in the way – thought we’d better let you know in case you’ve got a virus? Then again, it could just be Annabelle’s anti-virus thingy being paranoid – she’s always shouting at it for interrupting her work.


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